Real People

When I was 12 years old my friend bought me a ticket to my very first concert, for my birthday. It was to see the Osmonds at the Forum in Los Angeles. In those days, she and I had our bedroom walls covered with posters of Donny and his brothers. So when the lights started flashing and the guys finally ran out on stage, I frantically held my little Kodak camera up in the air and clicked the button…about a hundred times. Before the first song ended I’d used up all 36 exposures of film and had no more. While all the girls jumped around screaming, I sat down holding my useless camera and started to cry.  My friend Debbie shouted, “What are you doing?! You’re not suppose to cry, you’re suppose to SCREAM!”

So we did. And it was the most fun I’d had in my whole life. I gave a talk in church the next day and was so horse that I sounded like a man instead of a silly 12 year old who was madly in love with Donny Osmond.

Who knew that some day I’d live in Utah and meet them all because they live and breathe and play and shop at Target and go to church and buy groceries…just like the rest of us. They are very kind, lovely people, and sometimes it’s really good to see people up close.

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When I was a kid–to say that we always, always had cats would be putting it lightly. Not only did we always have at least one cat, but that one cat–often Beasty–was usually about to have about 6 more. I know, I know, but it was back before we “fixed” all the animals and so the poor dear had a few batches of babies each year. Forgive us. We didn’t know better.

ANYway, this little kitty is one that we kept longer than normal because we just didn’t find it a home with all it’s brothers and sisters. He had unusually thick, soft, lush fur. So thick and soft and lush, in fact, that my dad asked me ten times a day if he could make my cat into…a pelt. I think he thought he was being funny. I though he was one sick ticket. My mom named the cat Boots–and yes, we have a bit more imagination when naming our animals these days…

but I digress.

This cute little kitty used to follow me around the house and watch while I did my chores with strange intensity, almost like she wished she could help me–which would have been really nice. She’d stand and stare while I made my bed, and while I washed out the bathtub and especially if I was washing the kitchen floor. In fact the reason that my mom took this picture was because as I scrubbed my brush around and around in tiny circles, Boot’s little head would follow the same motion–around and around and around like a mechanical toy. My mom was laughing so hard she could barely keep the camera still long enough to snap the photo.

We always had dogs along with the cats–but I will say, I’m partial to cats and kittens. Whatever it is, there’s just something touching about a little creature that wants nothing more than to stay close to you. It feels priceless.

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Three years ago…

in August…

August 11 030

we changed old T-shirts into Baby Pants

August 24 016

made Deep Chocolate Ice Cream

Einstein laughing

solved Einstein’s Grandkids’ Riddle

cucumbers (5)

cut up fresh cucumbers

August 14 019

made Confetti Crayons

August9 041

LOVED deep Fried Pickles

concocted the perfect Peach Ice Cream

August 7 059

cooked luscious Zucchini Bread

July 16 466

spent some time in New York City

New York 089

rode a real, live subway

July 16 608

visited Toyland

July 16 304

and toured some Sacred Places.

What a beautiful, busy, scrumptious, amazing month it was!

This Week~

Three years ago…

August 28 033

we made scrumptious Corn on the Cob

July9 019

and luscious Peachy Pancakes

July 14 002

and Miss Chompy was…um…chomping.

Two years ago…

we made Peanut Butter and Jelly “Sushi“…

strung Cheerios necklaces

and had a round of croquet with the Bald Kid–Oh, how I miss him!

And one year ago:

we made our own Hula Hoops

mailed a package to my Siberian Boy

and said, “Good-bye” to Harry Potter.

Oh my-my, how time flies!

How long have you been with us? Please tell me–I’d love to know.