What To Send A Boy…

who is hanging out in Siberia for a couple of years? I wasn’t quite sure so…

I asked him what he was particularly missing these days. He said, “Protein.”

Apparently, these guys spend a bit of time doing service for the elderly to help them keep up their gardens. For some, it’s nearly all the food they have.

In Siberia–according to the artist-formerly-known-as-the-bald-kid…

folks walk right out their back doors and pick a few strange, leafy things from the garden…

come in the house and wash them, cut them all up and put the unknown greens in a bowl.

The bald kid’s been handed this mystery salad many, many times now. When he asks what–exactly, it is, the answer is always the same.


He’s a brave, adventurous fellow and is thoroughly enjoying himself–as well as the food–in this far away place. Told me in his letter the other day that he’s becoming a big fan of Borsch, and now and then there are even meat balls.

So–the care package is on it’s way.

It will take between two to three months to reach him, but I’ll have a few more in line to go by then.

In the meantime–his kind, sweet letters remind me how blessed we are in this country, in so many ways, and how grateful I am to have such a good, caring young man to call my son.

Be well and strong my boy. Enjoy the sunshine.

:]                                                                                                                                                                          584

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  1. Just wondering why it takes so long to get there? I know it is Siberia, but is there another reason? Seems like it should take maybe a week or two, but 3 MONTHS????? YIKES! You are certainly a good mama for sending such yummy protein filled things to him!

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