doTERRA Christmas Party

Normally, I wouldn’t be going to the great, huge doTERRA Employee Christmas Party, but because my cute son works there, AND he isn’t embarrassed to hang out with his mom–I got to go!!


The food was incredible, and sincerely, I could have gotten about a boat load of the Spinach Artichoke Dip–hiding under the chips. It was wonderful and I swear, I’m going to learn how to make that stuff. Yummo.

The entertainment was a fabulous guy group called GenTri. Yeah, look them up. All the pictures I took of them were blurry because…well because I take lame pictures sometimes when I’m eating Spinach Artichoke Dip. Fact.

The owners gave away presents for about an hour and then they said, “Your dessert is under your seats.” White chocolate popcorn, a gourmet chocolate toffee cookie, and a lemon bar. Dang. Dang. Dang.


It’s been a lonnnnng time since I’ve been to a company Christmas party. It was perfect. And when we came back out to the car about 6 inches of snow had fallen. Magical.

Thanks Rhenny boy.

I love you.


Avatar Aang~ All Grown Up

Positively the best costume ever. Yesiree, now that cute little Avatar Aang is grown up and only seen in flashbacks and visions in the new series Legend of Korra, it only seemed fitting that The Bald Guy should pay just a bit of tribute to one of our favorite guys.


I mean, he has the bald head for it, and the beard…well, he’s been working on that for awhile now.


It turned out pretty darn perfect–if I do say so myself.  And perfect enough to win First Place in the costume contest at Ebay.


Yeah…that’s dang good.


Good match, wouldn’t you say?


After all, a guy’s gotta have the right “get up” if he’s gonna save the world.

Heh, heh, heh.

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Leaf Magic


When you have an over achieving willow tree, like we do, you get very used to seeing these leaves on the ground, on the driveway, in the grass, on your car, in your hair. Trust me they are all over the place.


But when you also have an over achieving boy, who makes a game out of raking the darn things up…


he makes sure that you can see the lawn again, even if it’s only for about 15 minutes. Dang, silly, weeping tree.


But this boy doesn’t mind, because he can make a train load of leaves disappear in minutes…

like magic.


Probably because he’s part elf.

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A Teeny Tiny Football Day

Our house was waaaay up from the beach so when I watched these guys doing that which they always do–throwing a football–they were so far away that I could barely see who was who. After zooming in and cropping, this is what we get…that is until the Bald Kid went behind the cliff and I couldn’t see him anymore.

Maybe if you scroll through fast, it will look like a flip book or something.

No matter where we go,

or how long they’ve been apart…

some things…

between these boys…





Oh, how I love them.


Matryoshka Festival


When that boy of mine came home from Siberia–he had a special surprise for each and every one of us.


All of them hand picked and chosen…


for whichever big soul


or little soul


it would live with forever and ever.


Each one he picked, is as unique and beautiful, inside and out…


as the loved one he chose it for.


And a lovely reflection of his own kind heart.

Thank you a million times my sweet boy.