Just Outside My Window


Tons and tons of work going on just outside my window in the back.


Oh, mostly by the Bald Kid, of course.


He did most of the digging and mixing…


and I did most of the pointing and clapping.


But I did manage to plant most of the flowers on the left side–namely, the phlox, veronica, peonies, columbine, celosia and bleeding heart.


All while the big guy was busy planting a zillion strawberry starts. Yes, yes, I know they are very close–too close perhaps. But if we have to thin them later, well, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.  Besides…Nessie’s a big fan.


Miss Chicken Fingers loves her new resting place too.


The best part of all—look at my new brick planter! Isn’t it gorgeous? Why that clever boy of mine, put that cool thing together in a couple of hours. And me? Well, I couldn’t even lift the bricks. He’s amazing I tell you and I’m sooooo glad to have him back.


So is Buddah.

Heh, heh.