New Chicks In Town

Oooh, how well I remember the days of collecting a million eggs from my sweet little chickens and sharing them with my kids. We LOVE eggs in this family!!

Eventually, my knees got so bad that I couldn’t chase them (Masha) down the street when they’d (she’d) get out. Then, I spent almost a year at my daughter’s house after two knee replacements and a total foot reconstruction. It was a sad, sad day when I had to give my little girlies to a friend with a small farm.

Fast forward to NOW as that same sweet daughter has a flock of chickens all her own and shares the eggs with us. I guess it’s one of those “what goes around, comes around,” sort of things–

just in an eggy sort of way.


Turkey Nugget

Soooo–many times when I’m making a little crochet character, I’m nearly overwhelmed with supreme selfishness…

to the point that I want to finish the pretty thing and throw it in my purse…

and leave the country….

to keep it for myself, instead of giving it to the person it is meant for.

So far, I’ve always pulled myself together, mustered up a little maturity and sent–whatever it is–on it’s merry way.

That is…until now.

This little turkey nugget was just so CUTE that I was over come.

I couldn’t help myself.

After much deliberation, I’m afraid I kidnapped him and hid him away in a secure location and…you know…

made another one.

No one will ever know of my treachery and dreadful deception.

Except that I just told you.

Dang it.



Corn Pop Feast Favors

These little Thanksgiving Feast Favors went together very quickly.

All I did was pack Corn Pops cereal into Ziploc Snack bags.

Next wrap them in light and dark green tissue paper.

Twist the paper at the top and bottom and tie with brown yarn or raffia.

And there you have it!!


Nutter Butter Turkeys

Oh, my GOODNESS! Have we been having fun over here!!

Kind of amazing what you can do with a couple of cookies and some carefully placed candy pieces.

Two cookies, 4 candy corns, a slice of gummy fruit and a couple of googly eyes–all held together with melted white chocolate. That’s all it took.

I worked at it all afternoon until I had a sweet, tasty army of tiny little turkeys. In that same amount of time– my awesome son made exactly…


Any guesses which are his?