A Blue Heeler Pup

If you have little people around, even sometimes, it’s quite likely that you’re familiar with this little cartoon creature.

 Her name is Bluey.

In fact, this little Blue Healer puppy is so popular that my little granddaughter–Miss Fluttershy– tries to talk like her, and play games like her and…. ummmm…wag her….ummm…tail like her. She even had a Bluey birthday party with all the trimmings.

So, when I found this pattern online at Monoxa Crochet Toys I was really excited to try it. I changed a few things–just because I wanted to–but it turned out just like I hoped it would.

I believe it was a hit. I can just see our girl smiling and…

wagging her tail. 

Hee hee. 



Little Watcher

Ever since we came back from our last trip to Texas– sweet little Hobbes appears magically on the porch whenever we back out of the driveway. It feels like he’s setting us in his mind in case we just don’t come back…for a long time…

in kitty days.

Be brave little man. Just a quick trip to the store, this time.

We’ll be back in a blink.

Fear not.

The Halloween Tradition

Ahhh…such a happy tradition around here. Halloween just plain doesn’t work without these ooh-y, gooey Caramel Popcorn Balls.

I’m pretty sure all my kids like them, but I have this one daughter who says things like, “Yay! This is ALL I want at Halloween!” and “these are my absolute favorite!” She even texted me the other day with a crying face emoji and said the unthinkable, “I’m out of popcorn balls.”

Such a good, good daughter.

What some people know is that if you really, REALLY love one of my recipes and you make enough fuss about it–the likelihood that I’ll cook it for you goes waaaaay up.

You know what that means….

I guess I must desperately need constant, unbridled praise/adoration,


yes, I absolutely can be bought.