Miss Potter

I seem to be having a Beatrix Potter “thing” these days.

First, we watched the movie “Miss Potter” for the millionth time.

Can’t get enough of that one.

Then Jillian visited the Potter museum and brought back some beautiful treasures from the Lake District in England.

Then there are all the magical books that make my heart sooo happy.

I remember working at the bookstore when I was just a kid and dreaming of owning the whole World of Peter Rabbit boxed set…someday…

… someday.

Heh, heh.


Shoulder Angel

There seems to be only one place this kitty wants to sleep.

It’s not so bad, unless it’s time to get up and I…

you know…


Heh, heh.

The Kitty Kingdom

Our three sweet babies.

Good old Hobbes who bears the scars of all the battles he’s been in to save us all from the threats–real or imaginary that are outside that window.

Sweet, gentle Lyla who dashes and ducks from every sound she hears, yet lowers her head and growls if a stranger comes to our porch.

The baby- little Dali who hasn’t a care in the world and still can’t figure out why she isn’t allowed to climb my leg like a tree or eat my bracelet.

It’s our lovely kitty kingdom and my goodness how we love it.

Three kitties seems to be the perfect number…

for us.

Lead Foot

I need to get up and get some work done— but there’s a kitten asleep…

on my foot.

And yes she is actually hanging upside down like that, with her nose on the floor.


Little Dali


Our sweet baby girl kitty was kindly delivered to us on Friday. She came all the way from Arizona— thanks to my kind friend Fiona and her son Finley.

Another lovely thing is that this kitty is the granddaughter of my little Chili who we lost in February. 😔

It’s incredibly healing to hold a tiny piece of a kitty that we loved so much for such a short time.

We’ve named her Dali and she already has our hearts.