Lyla’s Babies

We worked for weeks to set Lyla up in a room of her own to have her babies and keep them safely away from Hobbes in case he was weird about it all. After all that work–she went and had them under the couch!

Towards evening, Rhen tipped the couch over and I scooped up 4 pretty babies, he grabbed Lyla and we relocated them to a box in the bathroom.

So far, so good!

What On EARTH?

Came out one day to my car looking like…this. Blaugh!! It seriously looked like it had been sprayed with white chalk paint. And get this–I took these pictures after I had hosed the poor thing down, mercilessly.

You know me–I immediately thought,

“What evil villain has put some dastardly poison in our sky, that has obviously rained down on my poor car?!!”



“Don’t breathe!!”

Turns out there was a windstorm in the desert and it blew junk into the air that floated over to my neck of the woods and rained down on all our stuff.


My story was waaay better.

Thoughtful Kitty

Obviously, I’m still working on the photo editing skills–but I’m new here. Patience Portifoy.

In the meantime–this is Little Lyla’s favorite place to hang out–and she literally does hang there (note the claws). It’s an interesting thing if you actually want to sit down in this chair. Pretty-much all she does is move her back leg a smidge. On the upside, it’s kinda like having a chair with a built in shoulder wrap–you know, for those cold winter nights.

Lyla is such a considerate kitty.

Heh, heh.