My Sweet Babies

Ok, is your heart just melting right now? Mine is. Our little babies are at that adorable phase where they look more like stuffed animals than actual, live kittens.

This is Tilly Clawhauser, our true calico.

Of course, they are also at the age where they wiggle so much that it’s a miracle if I can get a clear picture of them…at all.

This is little Tiger Tummy.

And in case you’re worried, nooooo, I’m not holding them by the neck to get the shot. They are sitting on my lap and I’m propping them up with my hand. My sweet little grandson saw the pictures and asked why I was choking them. I’m not, honey…I swear.  Yikes.

This is Jersey Pie.

Lastly, we have the one we simply call Grey Baby. Because except for his feet, he’s…you know…grey.

I love, love, LOVE having kittens in the house. It just makes me so happy. Plus, it makes the grandkids visit more often.

That’s a big plus.



Just Yesterday Morning

Just yesterday morning we woke up to this loveliness. Ahhhhh…

This photo shows the view right outside our front door as if we live in a quaint little village.

As that’s always been a dream of mine…

I’ll take it.

Tarmack the Leprechaun


So here is our cute little house squirrel, ahem, I mean house Leprechaun, all ready for his special day.  Now I know that the green thing he’s holding doesn’t look much like a clover–but I did try. I’m not so great with itty bitty crochet.

But that beard!! BAhahaha! It makes me giggle every time I go out on the porch!

Good old Tarmack. He’s such a sport.

Now if we could just find that darn pot of gold…that’d be swell.


The very night that I wrote the last post– this sweet girl found her safe place and had her babies. Four!! Ok, ok, not 20…four. But they are beautiful and very interesting.

For the last two litters. she had some variation of white brown striped tabbies–much like herself. We did get a bit of that–like this one– a sweet grey tiger wth white paws. 

And this little brown and black tiger. So adorable and exactly what we expected. But then…

Where on earth did this lovely thing come from? She’s –am I safe to assume that calicos–even diluted ones, are girls?–is white with grey and brown spots!!

You can see her back more clearly here. Reminds me of a Jersey cow.

I have to admit that the biggest and most adorable mystery is this one. A full orange, brown, black and white Calico!!! And isn’t she just gorgeous?!!

I think it’s safe to say that Lyla is very content and happy with this mom stuff. She seems to positively love it.

And so do I!!


Keeping An Eye On Lyla

We’re keeping a close eye on this pretty little kitty.

But perhaps I should be careful with the word “little” in this case, because while all the rest of the time this gal is absolutely petite and whispy–right now…

…she’s expecting about 20 kittens–from the looks of it. She is–I would say–a tad more substantial. Yikes.

Any second now…

I’ll let you know when the kitty stork arrives.