It’s a well documented fact that if you add raisins to your snacks it makes them much, much better for you. Some might even go so far as to say it’s now become a health food.

Yeah, I’m going with that.

Heh, heh.

This Little Piggy

Oooh, we have a sweet little girlie turning 3 this week. She loves kitties, garden flowers, Bluey and Peppa Pig. Hee, hee–I mean, snort!

If you’re not familiar with Miss Peppa– you’re seriously missing a cultural event–because you see, Peppa is an English Piggy. Serious business, this. So between all the snorting–and there is a lot of snorting!– we have the most quirky piggy family with just the perfect English accents.

Our Miss T has loved this little ham hock forever. In fact, she could do a lovely rendition of Peppa’s snort almost before she could talk! And you simply MUST hear her say, “It’s a bit fun-nay” just like the proper British piglet. It’s adorable time 20.

Only stands to reason that she would need her very own Peppa for her birthday. Of course, of course.

Happy birthday sweetie. Grammy love you so much.