Watching and Waiting


My cute little boy started his journey home from Novosibirsk, Russia about two inches over on that map–so, right above Kazakhstan. But when we found out that we could actually watch the flight progression he had already landed in Moscow after a 4-1/4 hour flight.

Poor guy had to hang out in the Moscow airport for 5-1/2 hours before catching the next 10-1/2 hour flight…


to New York…


and more importantly—the first American soil he’s touched in 2 years. There he had a 3-1/2 hour layover which gave him just enough time to find a Wendy’s. What did he order?

The Baconator, of course!  American fast food…in all it’s glory. Heh, heh, heh.


So, now–please try to picture all the last minute work I really should be doing in the few final hours before the Bald Kid actually gets home.

But am I doing it?


No. No, I wasn’t. I was sitting by the computer….

pushing the refresh button every 39 seconds.

Give. Me. My. BOY!


Yeah. It’s a mama thing.

😀 😀 😀



I do apologize for my absence here in this place. But you see, we’ve had some prepping to do.


In anticipation of a big, huge, monumental event.


We cleaned and organized and made sure to wear the appropriate colors.


We hung signs…


and did all we could to ready the “Cave.”


We added a mysterious scented mist to the air and even invited an ominous guest.


Then all that was left….was to wait.


The hardest part of all.

That Face


The bald kid sent us a funny story the other day. Well, not funny “ha-ha” but funny odd, or funny dreadful–if you’re the mom in the story.

He told us that on one of his long train trips back and forth and up and down in this far away land, they stopped at a regular station and had to show their passports to the border patrol–as usual. Well, apparently my boy’s “Russian face” (whaat?!), Russian diction and American passport caused quite a hassle with the officials. They interrogated him forever because he seemed very suspicious somehow.

My boy. Suspicious. I must tell you here that this fellow is the very LEAST suspicious person on the face of the planet. I know, I’m his mom, but still…

ANYway, they brought the big dogs on the train to sniff through his whole travel compartment but of course, they found nothing. Once the dogs were finished the men tore through his personal luggage and made him explain every single article in it. He said the shake down and questions held up the whole train for about an hour and a half. All because of that…face. Who knew that my baby boy had a Russian face? Where’d he get that?

I don’t know about you, but this whole thing would have scared the wits out of me. But this guy? Oh, no. His response to the whole thing?
“It was great to have all the language practice. The whole process was sweet and I really enjoyed it!”

Who IS this guy.