Watching and Waiting


My cute little boy started his journey home from Novosibirsk, Russia about two inches over on that map–so, right above Kazakhstan. But when we found out that we could actually watch the flight progression he had already landed in Moscow after a 4-1/4 hour flight.

Poor guy had to hang out in the Moscow airport for 5-1/2 hours before catching the next 10-1/2 hour flight…


to New York…


and more importantly—the first American soil he’s touched in 2 years. There he had a 3-1/2 hour layover which gave him just enough time to find a Wendy’s. What did he order?

The Baconator, of course!Β  American fast food…in all it’s glory. Heh, heh, heh.


So, now–please try to picture all the last minute work I really should be doing in the few final hours before the Bald Kid actually gets home.

But am I doing it?


No. No, I wasn’t. I was sitting by the computer….

pushing the refresh button every 39 seconds.

Give. Me. My. BOY!


Yeah. It’s a mama thing.

πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

6 Replies to “Watching and Waiting”

  1. John loves the baconator. I just can’t bring myself to eat it. But it is just right for a growing boy. πŸ˜‰

  2. So Launi….. is he BACK?? I’m dying here, your web counter says he won’t return for 3 more days! But there is no way you saw his flight if he wasn’t on his way, or already back. My nephew returned YESTERDAY from TONGA! Woo hoo. He too ate a hamburger on one of his layovers, although he said it gave him gas. Hee hee. He figured it was because it was the first time in 2 years he’d probably eaten beef instead of horse or dog. Yikes! He sure did look good though! So happy to have him back, as I know you will be with your son too! Good job mama!

  3. Yes… πŸ˜€ he’s back… πŸ˜† πŸ˜€ I’m just showing the steps to getting there a little more slowly. I took the counter for his mission off a while ago. I think you’re looking at the counter for my next class. I’ll show the cool pictures…probably tomorrow. It’s soooooo wonderful. So. so. so. wonderful. :}

  4. Oh you are right! I didn’t even read that it no longer mentions your son, but rather your class….Ha ha So happy for you, I know how much you missed that bald kid.
    Hugs to you my friend!

  5. That day seemed to take a bit longer than every other. I look at the clock more than day than any other as well! Ha ha ha! So good to have him back!

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