Trouble In The Castle

Everyone knows that being a princess is hard work.  Too many frogs. Too many ball gowns. Too many rules.

And then there’s that pesky crown that won’t stay straight. Sometimes it’s all just too, too much!

Then again, perhaps with a little tweak here or there…

and a bit of balancing this way and that…

the princess can find her special way of doing things that speaks to her very own soul.

Then there will be joy in the kingdom.


So, So Thankful

So very much to be thankful for this year.

The new exciting things, the old, comfortable things.

A few very, very hard things…

and some incredibly wonderful, happy things.


All, I believe, designed by our loving Heavenly Father to help us stretch and grow and love harder and stronger and ultimately…

to bring us closer to Him.

I am indeed grateful for my sweet home and cute chickens and my dear, dear family….


some of whom may or may not be playing chess…

at the dinner table.

And I love them to bits.

Happy Thanksgiving my friends.


New Things To Love~

There are SOOOO many things in my world that make me happy these days.


 Take this little headboard, for instance. It’s just the right amount of swirly, antique-ish, that even with my bed a bit rumpled and the pillows tossed in a pile–it’s still pretty.


This button positively jumped into my cart at JoAnn Fabrics–while I was minding my own business, shopping for yarn. I don’t even know how I got into the button aisle in the first place. But oooooh…it’s so sparkly.


This little girlie makes me real happy too. She is such a good kitty and she’s taken so well to our new/old place, that I’d swear she acts years younger than her decade-and-a-half old self. Even climbed a tree the other day. I know. We were stunned.


While everyone is talking about Spring…we’re getting poured on with rain, and the mountains are coated with snow. But it makes a pretty postcard–wouldn’t you say?


Scrubbed off my old plaque the other day and found that much of it’s old time charm, was actually…ahem…30ish years of grime.  It’s better now. Sheesh.


Still working this lovely thing while watching a basketball game here (Go Warriors!) or a Once Upon A Time there. Slow and steady, right?


Rhenny boy finally hung up the banners from his favorite teams. It almost felt…ceremonial somehow. Like we finally live here. Go Warriors!


Ahhhh….my pretty dishes finally have a home. Even if it is in a nasty colored cupboard with no doors. It will get fixed soon enough. It’s a process.


Bought these juicy things from a roadside stand and what a deal!! They are soooo yummy and sweet. Oranges don’t actually grow in these parts, so it was a particularly nice little serendipity. They won’t last long.


Oh, the pure grammy-joy of my baby showing her baby the other baby. Oooh, I’ll make farm folk out of these guys yet! Heh, heh.

Guess I have to figure out how to become one myself.

Working on that. Stick around.

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Meeting The Kids


Of course, I wasn’t the only one who was excited at taking this first step…


into…ahem…farm life.  Wee step, though it is.


The kids have all taken turns coming over to snuggle…


and hold…


and stare at…


and hold–some more–these pretty babies. I truly have dreamed of being this kind of Grammy.


So my little sweethearts could come over and have a good, old, earthy, relaxing time with dear little animals. If I had more room–there’d be a cow and a couple of goats in the back too.


This’ll do for now.

This’ll do, indeed.

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