Honey Spice Throat Drops

And oh, my goodness, I’m feeling very clever right now. It just hit me one night–while I was sound asleep–maybe I dreamed it, I don’t know. But I woke up thinking, “I need to make my own throat drops!” These ones will not just soothe a scratchy throat, but they can actually strengthen the immune system against the nastiness that is causing it in the first place. So there.

I have recently become an enormous fan of  essential oils–I know, I know, I was a bit slow to catch that train. But I’m here now and I’m pretty excited to find all these unbelievably simple ways to help the sweet little moms and dads that I teach every week…plus my own family and friends. So my Honey Spice Throat Drops are a good place to start.

Here is my brand new secret recipe…

Honey Spice Cough Drops


2 cups sugar

1/2 cup water

1/2 cup honey

1/4 cup butter

5-10  drops OnGuard (protective blend) essential oil

Put all the ingredients except essential oil in a heavy pan and cook slowly over medium heat until it reaches the “hard crack stage.”

Because area, altitude and climate can make such a difference in candy making, PLEASE click on this link and test your thermometer for your area. It will make all the difference in whether or not your drops are too soft, just right or burned. For example–at sea level, Hard Crack is between 300 and 305 degrees. But here in Utah, where we are waaaaay above sea level, Hard Crack is about 275-280 degrees. BIG difference. If you do this test and follow the directions~ your drops will work.

Resist the urge to turn the heat up higher to speed up the process. It will burn unless you keep it on medium and check it often. Once you can drizzle a spoonful of the syrup into a cup of cold water and have it turn to brittle threads–take it off the heat immediately. Wait about 30 seconds to a minute and then add the essential oil. Stir.

Pour into a buttered cookie sheet.  Fold edges of the candy into the middle with a metal spatula until cool enough to handle.

Working quickly, pull and roll into long strips…

and cut into nickle size pieces.

Allow to cool completely and harden. If your drops have been cooked long enough, you’ll be able to store them in a ziploc bag.

If they are a bit soft and still sticky, wrap them in waxed paper squares and store in a ziploc bag.

Just wait until you tell your friends what you just did.

You’ll likely be worshiped as a Goddess of Health and Happiness.

If you play your cards right, it’ll be true.

Note: You can also us Peppermint, Wild Orange,  Lemon or any number of yummy doTERRA Essential oils–think Lime, Fennel, Spearmint— oh, my.

Make sure your essential oil is the purest grade available. If it does not say that it is ingest-able, then it isn’t–so in that case don’t use it in this or any other recipe.

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Honey Spice Throat Drops
  • 2 cups sugar
  • ½ cup water
  • ½ cup honey
  • ¼ cup butter
  • 5-10 drops protective blend essential oil
  1. Put all the ingredients except essential oil in a heavy pan and cook slowly over medium heat until it reaches the "hard crack stage."
  2. Resist the urge to turn the heat up higher to speed up the process. It will burn unless you keep it on medium and check it often.
  3. Once you can drizzle a spoonful of the syrup into a cup of cold water and have it turn to brittle threads--take it off the heat immediately.
  4. Wait about 30 seconds to a minute and then add the essential oil.
  5. Stir.
  6. Pour into a buttered cookie sheet.
  7. Fold edges of the candy into the middle until cool enough to handle.
  8. Working quickly, pull and roll into long strips...and cut into nickle size pieces.
  9. Allow to cool completely and harden.
  10. If your drops have been cooked long enough, you'll be able to store them in a ziploc bag unwrapped.
  11. If they are a bit soft and still sticky, wrap them in waxed paper squares and store in a ziploc bag.

79 Replies to “Honey Spice Throat Drops”

  1. Oh, I’m sooo excited to see what else I can come up with. It feels fabulous to make something that is actually good for your whole body. :}

  2. I think this is so completely awesome!!! Wow! Making your own cough drops. You are amazing! Thanks for sharing the recipe… and for helping us all stay healthy!

  3. Thanks for sharing! On my way to a chemical free home with essential oils!

  4. Neat idea, I’ve gotten into the oils for personal use and I am wondering about exchange for the sugar to sugar-free? Stevia? Have you tried making a sugar-free cough drop?

  5. Is there a way to add the honey last, so as to not kill the natural antibacterial/antimicrobial properties of raw honey during cooking?

  6. These sound delicious. Not too keen on the 2 cups of sugar. What else could you use instead?

  7. I made these today and ♥ them! I substituted maple syrup for the sugar, and they turned out a beautiful brown color. Thanks for the recipe!

  8. These look nice, thank you 🙂 Though, I’m worried about the On Guard. Doesn’t it contain eupcalyptus oil in it? I’ve read that undiluted eucalyptus oil is highly concentrated and dangerous, even in small doses. Also, on WebMD I read that eucalyptus oil is unsafe for children and should not be taken by mouth. I know there is probably only a small amount, but I wanted to mention these things…I don’t know that I’d want to ingest it at all?

  9. Eucalyptus oil is a staple in most cough drops at the natural grocer I shop at. I can’t wait to make these!

  10. I’ve never made anything like this before but recently discovered Menuka honey. It has a lot of healing properties in it. Do you think I would lose those benefits by heating it up in this process? This recipe sounds tasty and healthy!

  11. You know, I’m not a chemist or anything, but I have been taking OnGuard in drops, beadlets, capsules and now soft gels for a long time. They are safe to use and take internally, which to me means that the eucalyptus is either in a small enough dose or that in this particular level of purity it poses no threat. If you want to contact doTERRA (800-411-8151) and talk to them about it, they will certainly answer your questions on the subject much better than I can. Of course, if it makes you nervous for some reason, just make the honey drops without the oils. 😉

  12. I have been using OnGuard in beadlets, drops, capsules and soft gels without any harmful effects. If you’d like more information about it I would contact doTERRA and talk to them. They will certainly be able to answer your questions and concerns better than I can. I just know what I like and what has worked for me and my family. We love it. doTERRA’s customer support number is 800-411-8151. Hope this helps.

  13. Some readers think that you would lose some of the benefits by heating the honey this high. I really don’t know. This is a family recipe that we’ve used for years and just recently started adding doTERRA Essential oils to. They are incredibly soothing and we love them. That’s all I know. 🙂

  14. great idea, I’m a dental hygienist and always concerned about sugar in things that stay in your mouth for a period of time. Since we now know about the wonderful properties of xylitol as a sweetener and aid in cavity prevention—-I’m gonna try to make these with granulated xylitol —

  15. hello admin love to try ur recipe want to know about doterra Essential Oil what this?doterra ia a brand name?or this oil name is doterra?i am from oman from where i can find it i mean do you have any idea where it can be in medical store?

  16. Hey Fiatari,

    Thanks for your comment and your questions!

    DoTerra is the name of a company that makes essential oils. An essential oil is what plants use to protect themselves. We can use these essential oils to be more healthy.

    The name of the oil used in this recipe is “On Guard”. I did some research and found that, unfortunately, DoTerra does not have any stores in Oman yet. So if you’d like to buy some of the oils, then you would need to buy them from someone who lives in a country that DoTerra is in.

    If you’d like, I’d be more than happy to help you get some of these oils (I’d have to ship them to you). Please let me know if you’re interested.

    Also, I thought you might like to know that DoTerra actually gets their Frankincense from Oman. This oil is an amazing healing oil!

    Again, thanks for the comment and questions!

  17. @Theresa Anne Strauch,

    Nice thing about using maple syrup is that the anti oxidant properties of it become more concentrated with heat, so way better than using sugar or honey (honey at heat of course destroys those properties)

  18. G– if you don’t have essential oils, just leave them out and enjoy this as Honey Candy. If you’d like to get your own oils just go to mydoterra.com/graciousrain. They are incredible little things! 😉

  19. I tried making this recipe twice now and both times it has not hardened like candy, it stays like syrup….what am I doing wrong??.

  20. @Megan, at Megan. You probably didn’t let it cook long enough. Click on the link in the directions that says “hard cracking stage.” It will tell you what temperature to cook it till.

  21. Hi Launi,

    We’ve been doTERRA users for a few years and just joined as Wellness Advocates 🙂

    We make our own holiday candy so I love the idea of making our own honey/On Guard lozenges! Do you know if the heat from cooking the ingredients to a candy stage decreases the benefits of the essential oils in the On Guard?

    Thanks for sharing your recipe! Looking forward to trying it soon (once the wearher cools down a bit).

  22. Hi can I make these without butter? Maybe substitute grapeseed or almond oil? Any feedback/ ideas you have on this would be great. Thanks! 🙂

  23. Well, I don’t put the oil in until after the candy is finished cooking so it isn’t cooking out–so to speak. I really don’t know that it harms the oil to add it afterwards. The benefits that we feel in soothing a sore throat, make them work for us. 😉

  24. Saw the comment about adding eucalyptus. You cannot take doterra eucalyptus internally. The type found in on guard is different. Radiata (single oil) vs globulus (in on guard). Please be safe!

  25. @Camille,

    OnGuard is a blend of oils and it is actually blended with fractionated coconut oil in the bottle. So it is diluted. Like Launi, I am not a chemist or anything but I have been ingesting OnGuard for quite some time and have had no adverse reactions. DoTERRA makes their own OnGuard cough drops as well. I am 100% positive that they would not do so if it wasn’t safe! Hope this helps!

  26. Hi! Hope you’re still answering questions on this post. Do you think it would be okay to pour the honey mixture while it’s still hot into candy molds then pop it out when it’s hardened? I just had trouble rolling it quickly enough because it was getting to be too hard to roll right as it was finally cool enough for me to touch (I have a low heat sensitivity). Thanks so much for this wonderful recipe!

  27. Thank God I read comments before continuing! This particular essencial oil, contains coconut oil. I am highly allergic to tree nuts, including coconuts!!!

  28. i used 3 small hard candy molds & it worked great!!! The smell it left behind in my house was not so great though. I had to open the doors & windows. but they taste great & seem to soothe my throat . I have to wonder though how much of the good stuff (honey & EO)is destroyed with the high temp.????

  29. First of all, doTERRA OnGuard Protective blend in the 15ml bottle does not contain fractionated coconut oil. It is ONLY ESSENTIAL OILS – Wild Orange, Clove Bud, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Leaf/Stem, and Rosemary Leaf/Flower. The OnGuard+ softgels contain olive oil, but again, no coconut. The OnGuard Beadlets DO contain coconut oil and it is clearly listed.

    Second, when you are cooling the mixture for a minute from a hard crack stage boil, you are not allowed enough time for the mixture to reach a low enough tempurature to ensure you are not destroying many of the vital chemical constituencies of essential oils. Heat destroys many of these properties. With this blend of oils, anything over 160 degrees will compromise the properties of some of the oils. There will still be benefits – but know that you won’t have the same benefits as using the drops that are designed by doTERRA that safely handle the tempurature of the essential oils. This may be a more affordable option, bit you sometimes get what you pay for. I’d check the temp and see if it is still possible to add the oil at 160. If not, I’d just use a drop of OnGuard in a shot glass with a little water and then enjoy the yummy drops afterward. I wouldn’t want people thinking they were getting all of the benefits if they truly weren’t. I am definitely going to try this recipe – how nice if it would work with lemon or peppermint!

  30. Thank you for sharing your recipe and tutorial. My kids and I tried this for the first time tonight – the first time we have ever attempted hard candy. We used molds, but didn’t have enough so we also rolled some and cut pieces. We used 4 drops clove, 4 drops lemon, and 6 drops citrus bliss. They turned out quite tasty and the clove is soothing for sore throats. Next time I think we’ll add a little peppermint.

    Anyway, thanks again!

  31. These look yum. I havent read all the comments but wondered if anyone has tried a dairy-free version? Coconut oil instead of the butter? Or cacao butter?

  32. Just thought I’d let you know – I saw this recipe here http://mynaturalorganiclife.wix.com/essential-oil-family?deeplink_referrer=socialB_pinterest&deeplink_referrer=socialB_pinterest&deeplink_referrer=socialB_pinterest#!doTERRA-On-Guard-Honey-Spice-Throat-Drops-/c1e93/878C9C0F-7F2D-4DF6-8FEE-EF808DA67AD9 but made it a point to come track your original down because its still not fixed on the other site. I will pin from here – always support the original creators people. This is just not cool. Thanks for sharing!

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  34. so, I have a question. Have you ever made them without the sugar? I would love to do it that way 😀 Thanks

  35. I made these today and love the taste of them! However, the process of getting them cooled down and cut was miserable!! They looked great when I first put them on the pan, and then as soon as I started pulling the sides to the middle they stuck to the spatula so bad they basically smeared all over the cookie sheet. I was finally able to get them cooled down enough to basically pull a big chunk off and work on my cutting board. By the time I got back to the pan after pulling the first chunk, what was left had basically hardened too much to even get it off of the pan. Had to scrap it by running hot water over it to get it off of my pan. Any suggestions on how to make this a little simpler or did I mess it up somehow?

  36. I always butter the pan before I pour it in, then I just keep and eye on it. Once the edges start cooling, I pick it up and cut that piece off with kitchen scissors and roll or pull it, and cut it into pieces real fast. Then do it again with each edge as it starts to cool. It’s still hot of course, but you do have to work with it fast. Sometimes I have someone help me so it doesn’t set before I can get it cut.

  37. I was wondering if one is allergic to cinnamon and their throat closes up when taking cinnamon can one take doterra On Guard since it has cinnamon in it or is their another doterra oil that works just as well or better than On Guard. Me and my husband have been in doterra now for 3 years and we love doterra.

  38. Has anyone tried using ginger oil instead of OnGuard for motion sickness? I am wondering how many drops I should use. I want maximum potency without making them too strong to eat.

  39. Hi, I just made these for the 1st time and I poured from the pot directly into small round ice cube trays (the ones with the soft bubble on the bottom) so once cool, you just pop them out from underneath! real easy…..

  40. I am going to try this in my mixer without heat and see how it turns out. It seems great, minus all the added granulated sugar.

  41. I have made these twice now and poured them into silicone lollipop molds and put them on sticks. My kids are little so I don’t feel comfortable with them having a hard candy in their mouth. Lollies work great…they think it’s a treat and I don’t worry! Thanks for the recipe!!!

  42. Just a caution on the xylitol….I used it to make a mocha with hot chocolate and coffee, and had to run to the bathroom for the next few hours. Xylitol can cause wicked diarrhea, so don’t use them for the first time if you have to leave the house! Make sure you’re not going to have any adverse reactions!

  43. @Theresa Anne Strauch,

    Hello, I am also interested in making this drops. Thank you for the original recipe but I am looking to make them without refined sugar. Pure maple syrup seems better. You mentioned using 1 1/2 cups of syrup. Did you omit the 1/2 cup of honey also? Thank you, Tracy D.

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  45. Instead of using water as called for in the recipe you could use an infusion of thyme, sage, chamomille, rosemary or etc…..Good for throat too!

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