Back To School Tarmack

Awwww…little Tarmac is off to school!

Don’t you just love his sweet back pack?!!

My favorite parts of this squirrely “get-up” are the teensy books hanging from his arms. Heehee.

Perhaps I have too much time on my hands.  Perhaps my priorities are a bit mixed up.  Perhaps it’s just freaking fun to imagine how people smile when they see this little guy each month. Pretty sure that’s why I do it.

All I know is I sure giggled a lot with this one.

That’s always time well spent.



Summery Autumn “Paper” Chain

You know that funny place where Summer is pretty much done, kids are back to school, everybody is ready for Autumn…

but the weather isn’t quite playing along yet?

Yeah, that’s where we are now. Too breezy and cool to actually swim, but then, the next day it’s 230 degrees on the porch.

Mother Nature make up your MIND already!!

So, as to not feel thwarted in my desire to decorate accordingly, the colors that felt to me like this middle space between the hot days and Halloween– I came up with these.

Maroon and lavender and deep green and a variegated mixture of them all. Clever–yes? It kinda looks like a bright, yet ready-for-Fall-ish sort of concoction, don’t you think?

At any rate, it makes me smile.

So go ahead Mother Nature–do your thing. I’ve found my color “happy place” in spite of you.

And we can stay here comfortably till the leaves come down.

Trouble In The Castle

Everyone knows that being a princess is hard work.  Too many frogs. Too many ball gowns. Too many rules.

And then there’s that pesky crown that won’t stay straight. Sometimes it’s all just too, too much!

Then again, perhaps with a little tweak here or there…

and a bit of balancing this way and that…

the princess can find her special way of doing things that speaks to her very own soul.

Then there will be joy in the kingdom.


Plum Heaven

It’s a dream of mine to have a fruit tree that –actually produces lots of beautiful, clean, yummy fruit. You know the kind. Bushes of peaches. Bowls of pears. Buckets of cherries.

So far this year, the peach blossoms froze, the apples flung themselves to the ground for some unknown reason, and the pears… well, there were six pears that are still hard as a plate of funny looking green rocks. Honestly, they kind of scare me.

Now, Lyndi and Nate on the other hand have more grown up trees that seem to have their feet under them, so to speak. At any rate they apparently know what they’re doing more than my trees do. Peaches earlier in the summer and now–look at these plumbs!! They were so juicy and perfect that I had to just stare at them for awhile. A very short while, mind you. Four days to be exact. Yeah, I pretty much ate them all.

My dad would say, “Those plumbs were no good. They didn’t keep!

Get it?! They didn’t KEEP?! HA!

I guess we’ll be needing a plumb tree.

We’re All Wet

Well, this was a bit of a gamble for me–to say the least. Knowing, or believing I should say that swimming would be a good, non-stressful way to exercise–and NOT being willing to do said exercise in public–we took the leap and bought a pool.

With my foot being so touchy, I knew that the pool ladder would certainly not work–so the gamble part was more–how on earth to get my silly self actually IN the pool in the first place. Kinda felt like I’d have to have some magical powers to make it work.

But the boy was willing to set it up and the kids were certainly willing to try it out…

so we knew that worst case scenario– a bunch of folks would have fun with it no matter what my super powers turned out to be.

It was deep enough to be fun for everyone–even the little-littles, who have all taken swimming lessons to some degree.

We even found some end-of-the-year bargains on allllll kinds of floaties.

In the end, we found a way. Not a terribly dignified or graceful way perhaps–but the result was me in the pool. So that is a wonderful success- triumph even–bigger, in fact, than you could possibly know.

Thank you my dears for once again making things work in my funny world. You just always do.

I love you with all of my heart.

~ Mom~