Corn Pop Feast Favors

These little Thanksgiving Feast Favors went together very quickly.

All I did was pack Corn Pops cereal into Ziploc Snack bags.

Next wrap them in light and dark green tissue paper.

Twist the paper at the top and bottom and tie with brown yarn or raffia.

And there you have it!!


First Snow…men

With the very first real snowfall of the year, Rhen was over come with seasonal spirit and promptly went out and made an adorable little snow man. Perhaps this is better described as a snow-ball man–but no matter. We adore him, perched up on top of the car!!

When the family saw our little guy the photos of their snowy creations started flooding the family text group. Miss Chomp and Fluttershy with their frosty fellow–

so cute!!

Miss H with her gigantic snow lady. Check out that hat!!

K & L’s snow chick even has long, lovely hair! Awesome, awesome.

Even my crazy Dane sent in his contribution from 85 degree Texas.

Ohhhh, Dane!  HAAA!

Our silly snow didn’t last long–an hour or two, tops–but we’re pretty good at making the most of what we’ve got…rain or shine.

And loving every minute!

Trouble In The Castle

Everyone knows that being a princess is hard work.  Too many frogs. Too many ball gowns. Too many rules.

And then there’s that pesky crown that won’t stay straight. Sometimes it’s all just too, too much!

Then again, perhaps with a little tweak here or there…

and a bit of balancing this way and that…

the princess can find her special way of doing things that speaks to her very own soul.

Then there will be joy in the kingdom.


We’re All Wet

Well, this was a bit of a gamble for me–to say the least. Knowing, or believing I should say that swimming would be a good, non-stressful way to exercise–and NOT being willing to do said exercise in public–we took the leap and bought a pool.

With my foot being so touchy, I knew that the pool ladder would certainly not work–so the gamble part was more–how on earth to get my silly self actually IN the pool in the first place. Kinda felt like I’d have to have some magical powers to make it work.

But the boy was willing to set it up and the kids were certainly willing to try it out…

so we knew that worst case scenario– a bunch of folks would have fun with it no matter what my super powers turned out to be.

It was deep enough to be fun for everyone–even the little-littles, who have all taken swimming lessons to some degree.

We even found some end-of-the-year bargains on allllll kinds of floaties.

In the end, we found a way. Not a terribly dignified or graceful way perhaps–but the result was me in the pool. So that is a wonderful success- triumph even–bigger, in fact, than you could possibly know.

Thank you my dears for once again making things work in my funny world. You just always do.

I love you with all of my heart.

~ Mom~