Hazel’s Unicorn

Our little Hazel loves Unicorns. No, no…I mean she REEEEALY loves unicorns. She wants to go to Scotland someday NOT because that’s where our family comes from–but because apparently, their national animal is a Unicorn. She’s convinced that in some mystical, magical forest over there–she will certainly find one…

and bring it home.

For real.

So when her birthday came around, there really was no other choice but to make her this pretty little baby…golden horn and all.

I mean, seriously–aren’t those curls just the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen?!

And oh, my goodness the tiny WINGS!! They made me giggle the whole time it was coming together.

Happy Birthday sweet Hazel. I hope you find your real live Unicorn someday.

In the meantime, here’s this one.

Grammy loves you,



PS- The original pattern for this little cutie can be found at AgamigurumiShop on Etsy.

Pocket Parakeet

Magoo came to me the other day with two little balls of yarn–one green and one pink. He said, “Grammy, what can we make with these?”

Knowing that this fellow loves birds–parakeets in particular, I said, “It looks like just the right amount to make a little bird. He liked the idea.

I wanted to give the little guy green wings but oooooh, I ran out of green yarn and only had enough to edge them. Also, the pattern I found didn’t have a tail–whaaaat?! So I had to make one up.

It’s a tiny little thing. Just right for a bird loving boy’s pocket.

Love you, Magoo.

Our New Babies

We have four new, sweet kitties!! This time, it’s Chili that’s the mom.

She must have had them VERY quickly because when we first found them–Rhen ALWAYS hears them first!–they were all still wet.

And Miss Chili was so sweet to have them in the laundry basket that I set up for her–not under the couch or somewhere else all crazy.

Do you hear that Lyla?

She looks pretty dang happy.  What a good little mama.


The Mysterious Tail Toy

Since Lyla has retired from her kitty-mommy days–her fir has really grown in and gone nuts. Being half Persian and half Maine Coon–that adds up to tons of awesome hair and a surprisingly fluffy tail.

Apparently, the extra fluff has even caught her by surprise. She’s been playing with this crazy new “toy” all afternoon–not realizing it’s… you know…attached.

I had to force myself not to laugh out loud when she pulled her own tail so hard that she almost flipped herself. The best part was when she looked all scandalized in my direction– like I had done something to her.

Lyla may be a little…ummm…slow on the uptake–so-to-speak, but she’ll save us a fortune on cat toys.


My Favorite Place

Black Bear Diner….

It’s official.

I’m deeply in love with you.

I always struggle with a full menu. You know…because if it all looks fabulous–how on earth could I possibly be expected to choose?!

I love ribs. I also love French toast. And then I really love salad.

The waitress helped by suggesting all three. Haha

What a smart girl.