Nearly Summer Snow

A few days ago we woke up to some crazy rain. I mean, like torrents of rain.  For 4 or 5 minutes it even turned to hail. I was amazed that it wasn’t even all that cold outside…just wet. We found this odd pile of hail in one spot on the lawn that must have slid off the roof or something.

ANYway, the best part of all this moisture is…

what it does to our mountains.


Not bad for nearly June–right?

Shoulder Angel

There seems to be only one place this kitty wants to sleep.

It’s not so bad, unless it’s time to get up and I…

you know…


Heh, heh.

Lead Foot

I need to get up and get some work done— but there’s a kitten asleep…

on my foot.

And yes she is actually hanging upside down like that, with her nose on the floor.


A Smidge of Country Charm

Oh my goodness. There is just something about these two pictures that warms my heart. I may have been born a hundred years too late to actually live this exact life— but my sweet little house is taking on its own country charm one small step at a time. That’s close enough for me.

Our Little Chicken Chick

Soooo what does one get for the chicken loving girl’s birthday? Well, you get a chicken leash and a fashionable chicken hat…

a chicken purse to carry your chicken in…

of course!!

We love you Hazel!!