Let It SNOW!!

Of course it was dry as a bone here–snow-wise for Christmas. Booooo. What is Mother Nature doing?!

I mean, seriously, we ordered snow for the big day but SOMEbody must have missed the memo…until January. Well, fine then.

At the risk of sounding ungrateful, I must say–Christmas snow, January snow… it’s all just incredibly beautiful and if I had my way–we’d have a gentle blizzard that would keep us all indoors for a week.

Sounds like heaven to me.

That’s my dream. A winter wonderland, right here in my own yard.

Even if it’s in January.

First Snow…men

With the very first real snowfall of the year, Rhen was over come with seasonal spirit and promptly went out and made an adorable little snow man. Perhaps this is better described as a snow-ball man–but no matter. We adore him, perched up on top of the car!!

When the family saw our little guy the photos of their snowy creations started flooding the family text group. Miss Chomp and Fluttershy with their frosty fellow–

so cute!!

Miss H with her gigantic snow lady. Check out that hat!!

K & L’s snow chick even has long, lovely hair! Awesome, awesome.

Even my crazy Dane sent in his contribution from 85 degree Texas.

Ohhhh, Dane!  HAAA!

Our silly snow didn’t last long–an hour or two, tops–but we’re pretty good at making the most of what we’ve got…rain or shine.

And loving every minute!

If our little Lyla was not a cat, but a person instead–she would be that flirty girl in “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Violet Bick.

Remember that scene where the girl says, “Oh, this old thing? I only wear this  when I don’t care how I look!”

The smile she smiles–right there as she prances away from all the guys, with their jaws hanging open.

That is Lyla…

…the flirt.

We should have named her Violet.


A Big Sister’s Love

When Miss K saw that her little sister’s birthday was coming up–she came up with a pretty dang clever idea. She decided to make a doll–all by herself. She even covered it with tape and “stuffed” it with cotton. Miss K put a lot of work into her masterpiece.

The very fact that she thought this up herself was amazing to me! What a creative gift for her baby sister.  I’m glad we got pictures because I have a feeling that this little treasure won’t last long in the hands of a one year old!

But that’s ok. We’ll all remember the love for a long, long time.

Trouble In The Castle

Everyone knows that being a princess is hard work.  Too many frogs. Too many ball gowns. Too many rules.

And then there’s that pesky crown that won’t stay straight. Sometimes it’s all just too, too much!

Then again, perhaps with a little tweak here or there…

and a bit of balancing this way and that…

the princess can find her special way of doing things that speaks to her very own soul.

Then there will be joy in the kingdom.