Cucumber Kitty

Have you seen those funny videos where people put a cucumber behind their cat and when they turn around they FREAK out and run away?

Well, that’s not MY cat.

If I have a cucumber on my counter–minding it’s own business–he just KNOWS somehow, and jumps up and grabs it and runs off with it. Next time we see it, it’s half eaten and chewed up all over the floor.

Believe it or not, we’ve hit upon a compromise, of sorts.

I peel and cut up the cucumber and quarter it, while Hobbes paces and howls like I’m skinning a 9 pound mackerel– just for him. I slice out the middle seeds,  because nobody wants them anyway.

Oh, wait.

Except  Mr.  Hobbes.

No sense in throwing the seeds away cause he’ll just dig them out of the trash anyway. So, have them, little kitty–and good riddance.

My cat thinks he’s a rabbit.

Good grief.

Purple Rock Quiz

See this pretty rock? I found it in my backyard in a big pile of other, more normal looking rocks. Isn’t it beautiful and purple?!! 

Any guesses what this rock is called?

Meadowbloom Cupboard Curtain

Well, here it is my dears! I got tired of waiting for the painting muses to give me the oomph that I needed to refinish the cupboard doors. This was a waaay better option–for sure!

The fabric is my daughter April’s own Meadowbloom from Moda– which she designed herself. Isn’t it gorgeous? I’m a lucky duck to know that girl, alright.

I have to say–it’s a good thing that cupboard curtains are all the thing right now because, well, I’ll take a sewing machine over a paintbrush ANYday.

Let’s Take A Vote

Ok, I’m all for stone baked, authentic, back east, New York Style pizza and all that.  I know I’m kinda old and I know that I’m kinda picky with what I choose to use my calories for. I know things aren’t the same as they were when I was a young whipper-snapper.

So, maybe it’s just a personal problem, but let me just ask you…

Is this pizza burned? I think it’s burned. I think it’s REALLY burned. So burned, in fact, that I scurried right back to the pizza joint and said, politely, “Hey, I think my pizza is burned. Like, REALLY burned.”

Why did I say, I THINK my pizza’s burned?! I’ve been alive a long time and I think know burned when I see it. There, I said it again. I THINK. I need to be more decisive…more assertive…more…more…something. Sheesh.

The girl at the window said, “Oh, sorry.  We can make you another one. We thought it was fine.”

Fine? FINE?!! FIIIIIIIINE? What on earth?!! How is this fine?! What are people eating these days that they are calling food? Fine. Burned. Pizza?!

My soul is shuttering.

ANY way….

My new pizza was waay better…

and only slightly burned.

I’m progressing.

My Daily Mantra

Things are reeeeally strange these days. We have been “locked down” for several months now due to the Covid 19 stuff. Some people are struggling with the disruption in their normal lives–while I–on the other hand barely notice the difference. I wasn’t really going anywhere anyway. Haha.

The negativity online was the only thing that was actually distressing me so I came up with this little ditty. Whenever– and I mean WHENEVER I have a not-so-positive thought go through my mind I’ve started trying to retrain myself to stop and prattle off this more helpful thought. It’s become somewhat of a mantra.

Try it. It helps…really.