Trouble In The Castle

Everyone knows that being a princess is hard work.  Too many frogs. Too many ball gowns. Too many rules.

And then there’s that pesky crown that won’t stay straight. Sometimes it’s all just too, too much!

Then again, perhaps with a little tweak here or there…

and a bit of balancing this way and that…

the princess can find her special way of doing things that speaks to her very own soul.

Then there will be joy in the kingdom.


Crazy Chili

Our silly little Chili baby is not such a baby anymore–size wise.

But point a camera at her and she turns into a full blown two year old– flipping around making it nearly impossible to just snap one decent picture of her!

Sometimes, I almost think that maybe, just maybe, she knows exactly what she’s doing and is actually posing...

making sure we capture her best side.

Because when it comes to your image,

a girl can’t be too careful.

Things To Love In May


If you ever come to my house and don’t see a puzzle set up somewhere–take my temperature quick. I probably have a fever.

I love puzzles…always.

Finding a box of trinkets with some actual cool stuff inside. A tiny wooden sheep, an old spool, liquid luck and pixie dust.

I love stuff like that.

There have been lots of mystery things popping up all over the place around here. Have to wait to see if I’m happy about it or not. For now though, the hope of color here and there is very fun.

Love these crazy kitties of ours…Lyla and Chili napping…

and good old Hobbes–a bit under the weather. Rest up and get well boy.

Pink flowers–any kind, will make me happy all day long. Thanks Jillian!!

Oh, look–another…puzzle. Heh, heh.

A FAIRY DOOR!! I’ll show you more of this later, but for now, just know that I’m SOOOOO excited!!!

New books. History books. Church books. All my favorite things rolled between two covers! 

A beautiful quilt from my daughter–that’s my very own!!! Isn’t it gorgeous?! At last, at last!! I love it so, so much!

Memorial Day 2022

I hope it doesn’t seem morbid to say what I’m about to say. Here goes…

I love Cemeteries. I really do.

Of course, it helps that there are people buried here that I have known and loved. My grandma Elsie and grandpa Clyde…

my sweet mom and dad.

My sweet brother in law Mark–who wasn’t suppose to be here for a long, long time and just makes this mortality so much more real.

There are many more that I’ve only read stories about so that I feel like I know them and I’ve come to love them just the same. My great grandma Sophia and great grandpa Alfred her husband. My mom’s brother who died at birth and was never even named.

That’s the beauty of this funny little Memorial Day tradition that we have here. Now I know that this holiday is for honoring Veterans that have given their lives for our freedom. But my mom taught us to use this day to also remember any  of our loved ones that are buried nearby. Over the years we would bring flowers to the cemetery for everyone we knew any stories about. But the best things were the stories that made them all come to life.

So, I hope it’s ok that we use this day the way we do.

It just feels right.