Kitty Heaven

Ohhhh…look! I picked up this sweet baby and cuddled them while I taught my online class and the next thing I know—ZZZZzzzzzzz……

They are the cutest little things. We have two like this one…

And two of the full tigers. But for now…

I have no idea if they are girls or boys. It’s actually very hard to tell with kittens until they’re about 8 weeks old.

In the meantime…we’ll just keep calling them white face, half white and the stripey twins.

They don’t seem to care one bit.

New US Currency?

Well, now…wouldn’t this be fun? I’ve gotta say, I wouldn’t miss that nasty pyramid eyeball junk. We’ll just see.

The Babies

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I know it looks like I have an absolute strangle hold on this little one, but I promise, I don’t. Such a cute baby!!

We have two with white on their faces and two dark tiger stripes that are hard to tell apart.

No idea if they are boys or girls at this point because it takes someone smarter than me to figure it out this early.

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Mama is doing great and adjusting to life with 4 babies climbing all over you.

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Meanwhile, this nut doesn’t even know the babies exist.

What a dork.

Lyla’s Babies

We worked for weeks to set Lyla up in a room of her own to have her babies and keep them safely away from Hobbes in case he was weird about it all. After all that work–she went and had them under the couch!

Towards evening, Rhen tipped the couch over and I scooped up 4 pretty babies, he grabbed Lyla and we relocated them to a box in the bathroom.

So far, so good!