Toyland, New York

July 16 545

Doesn’t look like any big deal, right? That’s what I thought too.

July 16 546

This, my friends–is a toy store to be reckoned with.

July 16 608

Chompy trying to say, “Hollll–Leee–Cow!”

July 16 609

A life-sized Lego Chewbacca–because we all need one of those to ward off the Vader guy.

July 16 612

A lego Batman to scare off all the other bad guys with his…

July 16 548

Bat-belt…or those shorts. They could do it too…easy.

July 16 549

Lyndi’s favorite part–a 10 foot tall Jelly-Belly soldier…

July 16 550

and all the other candy in the civilized world.

July 16 551

This is what a thousand pounds of jaw breakers looks like up close.

It looks the same far away.

July 16 554

A couple of babies enthralled with a Jack in the Box. Sheesh, you’d think they’d never been surrounded with 65,000,000 toys before…

July 16 552

or been hugged by a 6 foot bear.

July 16 562

Three stories of this. Even a Barbie wing. A BARBIE WING!

I’m sorry, did I say that twice? They even had my very first Barbie in a glass case as a collector’s item. Ok, that part was embarrassing, but if you’re wondering where the picture is…umm…well…too blurry to do anything but make everyone sea sick. Maybe I was shaking.

It was an emotional moment for me.

July 16 559

Remember the movie “Big” where Tom Hanks dances on the giant piano? Well, I’m sure at some point, I told my kids that I’d get them one of those big pianos someday…

July 16 558

Oh, yeah. I lied.

July 16 564

Lily chose a sweet dolly…

July 16 616

and Beck and Chompy met the Muppets.

July 16 565

If you look at the corner shelf on the far right—third shelf down, third bird over–you’ll see a stuffed Robin. It came home with me, to be with the Cardinal that I already have.

They sing.

Come over sometime and I’ll show you.

July 16 635

Harry Potter and all his friends…

July 16 567

absolutely, positively…

July 16 566

adore this place.

July 16 634

So did we!

12 Replies to “Toyland, New York”

  1. WOW! I totally missed that place – probably a good idea too, I wouldn’t have had time to see anything else 🙂 I got to see Legoland in Florida and decided that the reason Legos are so expensive is that 50% of the cost of each box sold goes to help pay for gigantic structures that “inspire” people to buy more Legos – now I’m convinced of the conspiracy.

  2. Ha ha ha… Sign me up for the LegoLand conspiracy! I want to go! 😉

    I’m putting this place BACK on the list of places I want to go! I loved it! I still need to not just LOOK at the piano… but dance on it, eat… I mean, buy some of all that candy, personalize my own Hot Wheels car, and find something that makes Baby Chomp squeel the way she did when we were there! 🙂

  3. My kids knew all about this place long before the plane landed. It was incredible. Next time I’d like to buy a doll or something. This time, I pretty much just walked around with my mouth hanging open.

  4. Actually, we could just hide out and sleep over for a few days in the stuffed animal section. You know they’d never even find us. Ha!

  5. Yes, I did neglect to mention the employees who were discussing all the toys coming to life after closing time. I always knew that happened. I could feel it in my bones. Now we have proof. Ha!
    Anyway–the bald kid would love the dinosaur–he’d just bridle him up and ride him back home!

  6. What fun! this would totally be an all day event for us (3 and 4 year old boys and that many legos, need I say more??!!) I love the looks on the babies’ faces! It was Disney land for them!

  7. FAO Schwarz has a store in Las Vegas that I’ve been to. It has 3 stories as well. Very cool. I bought a Steiff Teddy bear there. They have a 1 year return policy. Who does that anymore? I’ll bet the original one in New York is even more fabulous.

  8. And definitely didn’t cost as much as Disneyland–well for most of us I guess. You’ll have to check Lyndi’s blog in a few days and see if she posts about what THEY did at FAO. It was wonderful.

  9. Las Vegas, huh? Hmmmm….that’s not so far from here…I certainly didn’t know about the return policy. You’re right that amazing in these days. Good for them, I say.

  10. Oh my heavens! I would lose my girls in their! I love Baby Chomps face in the last picture! Such fun times.

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