Groovy Tuesday Announcement


Yes, I am aware that it’s not Tuesday but I refuse to be held to such stoic boundaries because I have an important announcement and I like the way Groovy Tuesday sounds.

Perhaps some of you have already noticed but a few things have changed around here…particularly in the Comments section. My personal Blog-Bodyguard, April, has made it so that I can now reply directly to each and every comment that is made.

Well, I’m just sure you’re as thrilled about that as I am, but there’s more.

She has also fixed it so that you—each and every one of you—can make a comment on every page on the entire Gracious Rain site, if you are so inclined. That means that if you like a recipe–please tell me. If you are looking for one–please tell me. If you adore a craft or crochet project—PLEASE tell me. If you’d like to see something in the future–have your palm read. HA! Ok, I mean if you’d like to have us post a certain project, just say so, and we’ll see what we can do. If you want to comment on the Birth Stories or the Secrets page…it’s easy, so please–do it. You can also add to the “List” of things that make you happy by just leaving a comment. SIMPLE.

Just think—comments everywhere! Oh joy…oh rapture!

Comments are a girl’s best friend, you know.

So if you’d like to make a comment somewhere but have been too shy in the past, I implore you—-be brave–do it!

3 Replies to “Groovy Tuesday Announcement”

  1. This is great!!! 🙂 Way to go, you two!!! Brilliant!

    I like the sound of Groovy Tuesday too… and it’s Tuesday some places already! Way to through the creepos off your scent by tossing them the wrong time zone! 😉 Heh!

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