Wind It Up…

Day 6

New York 003

If we’re going to see it–it has to be today. Note the lady in the white T-shirt smiling sweetly at our little herd. Yeah, we got a lot of that.

New York 006

Aren’t these mounted policemen the guys who chased Santa Claus through Central Park in that Elf movie? I bet that got them on the naughty list.

New York 004

A shy bald kid at his favorite place on the face of the earth…

New York 011

Nintendo World! Gee, I thought our front room was Nintendo world. My mistake.

New York 008

The youngsters were thoroughly enthralled.

New York 010

Most of them, anyway.

New York 024

I really wanted to see where the Macy’s Parade takes place on Thanksgiving. Maybe I’m some kind of country chick or something, but I just couldn’t fathom an 8 story department store.

New York 046

By the time we went up all the escalators–I was a believer.

New York 049

This place had a McDonalds right in the middle of the store. Yogurt–yum!

New York 023

Then on to the Empire State Building. We didn’t actually take the tour to the top—

New York 041

but the ground level was really pretty.

New York 045

Speaking of ground–apparently New York people spit a ton of gum on the ground. Ewww–ah.

New York 131

Prepare now for the ultimate Subway experience. First you go in and down…

New York 089

then sometimes you have to go back up. Hooray for big burly men.

New York 016

See that gal in the green shirt waaaay up ahead? Well, she is our illustrious leader, guiding us to all things touristy–provided you can keep up.

New York 129

I’ll admit, I expected the subways to be dark and dirty and full of scary gangs and half dead people. I know, too many movies–but the truth is–they were clean and well lit and full of regular folks…just like us. See? I can be taught!

New York 128

Our destination was at the very last stop. That why the sign says, “Last Stop.” har har

New York 056

We found this lush, shady park to sit in and rest our tired bones…

New York 060

and stare out at the lovely Lady Liberty. This was my very first time seeing her.

New York 064

We just sat and thought for a very long time. It seemed like the proper thing to do. That’s the bald kid and his mom in between the trees there.

New York 075

It was really quite peaceful…sobering even. My mother’s family came here from Sweden and my father’s came from Scotland about a hundred years ago. They both saw this very same lovely sight.

New York 099

We loved the boats…

New York 091

and the chicken nuggets…

New York 101

the sea birds…

New York 108

and the mysteriously matching trees.

New York 119

We discovered that they are building a memorial visitor’s center for the World Trade Center.

New York 111

So, for now all we could do was stand back and take pictures of the Ground Zero horizon…

but it was enough.

11 Replies to “Wind It Up…”

  1. I love the cammo tree. Isn’t NY fun? I loved to visit there, but I definitely wouldn’t want to live where “Downtown” was a regular place. I love your pictures. All that gum on the ground was NASTY! I didn’t see that when I was there. I have seen them remove it on that show “Dirty jobs” though (in NY) and that was gross too. Glad to hear you had a great time. Vacationing is so fun!

  2. It’s so funny how the wheels are turning now to all the things that we want to do next time. So, I’m real sure there will be a next time. We loved it.

  3. WOW! The pictures of Ground Zero and Lady Liberty make me tear up. That is why my husband does what he does! My family is from England and Sweden!

  4. We didn’t get to Ground Zero with time to do anything very tourist-y… but I’m a little glad. I think it will feel more respectful to go there once it’s rebuilt instead of just gawking at the carnage that’s there from the work being done. I had to keep myself pulled together there for sure.

    I never would’ve thought of people having to scrap the gum off… it’s cool that they do… but YUCK!!!

    I’m glad we have such big strong brave guys in our family! My guy helped SO much with Baby Chomp… it was great! Oh… and them lifting that DOUBLE stroller up and down all over… they didn’t even make it look hard!

  5. What little they have was closed… and they are planning on building a lot more… like a memorial park/plaza type of place.

    We got there too late.

    The city that never sleeps. Heh.

  6. I want to go to New York now!!! But I want to go with you, you would make it fun. When you mentioned the ultimate subway experience, I thought you were going to have a sandwich, at the ultimate Subway sandwich joint. I didn’t even get it when I saw the sign & you said you had to go up & down stairs. I just thought it was part of the ultimate experience to have the ultimate Subway sandwich. Tells you where my mind is at: FOOD! Either that, or I’m blonde (soon to be a redhead). Take your pick.

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