Super Bowl 2015


Having been around a little bit of football in my day, it must be concluded that…


Superbowl is a pretty big deal in these parts.


Such a big deal in fact, that once the people started arriving and the food was spread out, I stopped taking pictures, because, well because I was watching the game.


But this was a very interesting year because we are across the board–big Patriots fans.


But there are a few among us who adore the Seahawks too. And that’s perfect.


Then of course, we have the Viking fans…

DSC_0007 - Copy

and the BYU fans all mixed up in one room. But it was after all, football and seriously, for people like us, no matter what the colors…

that’s enough.

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Hooky Inspiration

100 Happy Days #43


I do believe that I have fallen in love…with a crochet book…


or two…


or three. All of them by Edie Eckman–who is positively brilliant and completely understandable. Finally.

Edges, borders, granny squares, circles, triangles and connecting them all together into one incredible…something.


The possibilities are endless. I’m thinking that some sort of “Crochet Along” is in order…you know, like a book celebration or something. It could be so much fun! Perhaps, some of you will even join me…hmmm?

I’m off.

Party to plan, you know.

heh, heh, heh.