Super Bowl 2015


Having been around a little bit of football in my day, it must be concluded that…


Superbowl is a pretty big deal in these parts.


Such a big deal in fact, that once the people started arriving and the food was spread out, I stopped taking pictures, because, well because I was watching the game.


But this was a very interesting year because we are across the board–big Patriots fans.


But there are a few among us who adore the Seahawks too. And that’s perfect.


Then of course, we have the Viking fans…

DSC_0007 - Copy

and the BYU fans all mixed up in one room. But it was after all, football and seriously, for people like us, no matter what the colors…

that’s enough.

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  1. Super Bowl was extra fun this year! It’s great having two teams that we love! If only it could be like that EVERY year! 😀

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