City Trek

Day 5

July 16 493

Maybe it would be helpful to tell you how we planned out this New York vacation in the first place. Jacob had us sit down one evening and write down two things that we would feel really disappointed if we missed seeing. Two things might not sound like much, but with 7 adults going to one city that could be a ton of “important” places to go.

Today, we mapped out where everyone’s “not to miss places” were and realized that most of them were on the same street—5th Avenue. So, we started walking, and pointing and snapping pictures.

July 16 491

Today, it was raining and we quickly found that everyone in the state of New York has an umbrella hidden somewhere on their person–except us. How do they do that?

July 16 492

An MTV salute to SpongeBob? Help me.

July 16 500

I really like this town.

July 16 495

One of my kids said, “We have those at home, mom.” Pretty sure they meant the bird.

July 16 510

Well, we don’t have anyplace like this where I come from. I didn’t even know such a place existed. Now, I ask you–how is a rational person supposed to behave?

I’m all a quiver.

Oh, we’re going in, all right.

July 16 499

Pretty sure that my Daney Boy would always catch this football. Yum!

July 16 501

Even the Hershey’s store can’t interfere with Chompy’s nap time. How would it be to just magically fall asleep whenever you’re tired?

Wait. Maybe I already do that.


July 16 503

A store dedicated to the proposition that all M&Ms are created equal. I totally lost sight of nearly all my children and all their children in this place.

July 16 509

The bald kid and I sat in a corner and waited it out.

July 16 504

This thingy looked pretty important, so I took a picture.

It’s soup to me.

July 16 513

Oh-ho! So this is where the natives are getting those umbrellas. Very clever indeed. It did me no good though, because being hobbit-like in stature, I still couldn’t reach them.

July 16 525

Being book lovers, we needed to see the NY Public Library. This building holds over 15 million books. Sounds like our family room. What a cool place.

July 16 535

We sat outside the library to regroup and Jillian found a couple of birds that were happy to eat out of her hand. We don’t have them back home.

July 16 539

This incredible place is St.Patrick’s Cathedral. It has been here since 1879. It is actually much bigger than it looks on the outside.

July 16 540

Breathtaking on the inside.

July 16 595

While we were walking quietly around, admiring the beauty of this reverent place…

July 16 541

we looked over at sweet baby Beckham and without any prompting from anyone—

…he was so reverently—folding his arms. Babies “get” things better than we do sometimes.

To be continued…

11 Replies to “City Trek”

  1. When my mom and I visited NYC a year or so back we happened to pass Trinity church/cathedral and I had to go explore. I’m an avid genealogist so the surrounding cemetery with it’s aged headstones drew me in. It was amazing how tranquil and beautiful it was, sitting smack dab in the middle of the city.

  2. I missed the unbrellas on the street signs… that’s funny!!! 🙂 Why didn’t you just ask Your Personal Giant to grab one?!? 😉

    I love a good candy store… or BLOCK!!! We have to make a list of the stuff we STILL need to see though! There’s more candy to be had… or uh… sites to be seen!

    That cathedral was beautiful… and it was sweet to see the babies being respectful of that, even when it’s not familiar! 🙂

  3. Oh please say you got to see the Frick (I’m sure that’s spelled wrong, but that’s how you say it) museum across from Central Park.
    We didn’t have time for the mother lode of art museums – I understand the Met can take a couple of days, but this was just perfect. I was so amazed at how much you could do and see and just walk to everything – or in our case run. We had a great view of the cathedral from the top of the Rockefeller building but didn’t see inside. Thanks for sharing the pics – I love the rib vaulting. How did they ever construct such impressive structures?

  4. Oh, we saw all those ancient headstones. I wanted to go in so badly, but we were rushing. Many of the markers that I could see from the street were totally unreadable. Do you think they even know who is buried there?

  5. I’m already working on the list. This will help with everyone telling us the best spots. We’ll just write it all down and spend 2 weeks next time.
    Oooh…that’ll be pricey!

  6. No, that is the one really down side is that traveling with nearly all adults–to go to a museum or top of the Empire State Building or the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame would have cost us about $150 a pop, and that’s if they didn’t charge for the babies. We mostly looked at everything from the outside. But that makes it all the more fun to think of going back.

  7. Oh Launi! Thank you SO much for your sweet comment on my blog!! I appreciate you!!!
    Great shots, by the way!! I love the birds eating out of hands!!

  8. Loving the pics and the commentary. That is the hardest thing about vacations, not enough time or money to see everything. That is how it was when we went to Europe. Luckily we where in a tour group so we basically got to see & do everything we wanted while in Europe. I just wished we could have spent more time exploring. We were rushed everywhere we went. I just wish I had taken more photos. And those Catholics really know how to build beautiful cathedrals.

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