When You Aren’t Looking..

sometimes terrible things happen…

misc 060

like this…

misc 066

and this. Grrrr…where do these vile things come from, anyway?

So, while exploring the Weed Festival of 2009 we also found…

Aug 3 024

huge, bursting-out-of-the-ground radishes that had been dreadfully neglected…because, well, they were too hot for me. They were so neglected, in fact, that some of them grew long, long stalks, which then produced…

misc 062

these silly flowers. A true testimonial to our felony garden behavior.

So, yes, the “guess this flower” contest was an attempt to make the best of a grow-box “puddle,” of sorts.

Now then, my lovelies, that means the winner of our contest is:


Who was the first to say:

“It looks like wild radish blossoms.”

Congratulations Jan! You’ve won a Kneader’s gift card…

Thanks for guessing everyone!

I’m going to go now and pull some weeds.  :]

9 Replies to “When You Aren’t Looking..”

  1. Oh, and Jan–if you aren’t still in Utah–we’ll find you a different prize. Let me know quick–so I can go shopping!

  2. Actually, we are in Boston now…for 6 more months. I don’t know where we’ll be after that…. Did I make it tricky enough for you? Thanks though…I really am excited!

  3. What’s Kneaders?

    And I would never have guessed right. I’ve never seen a radish blossom.

  4. Kneaders is a fancy bread and sandwich shop in these parts. It won’t work in Boston. So I’ll send something else.

    Oh, and you have never seen a radish blossom because you likely pick your radishes rather than letting them go to seed. How embarrassing. Yikes.

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