On To Oz…

Day 4

Or New York…to you guys.

July 16 426

You know how, when it’s time to pack up and leave a hotel–a hotel you’ve called “home” for 3 days–how it’s kind of an ordeal to sort out his, and hers and theirs and ours and somehow get it all packed back into those really little shrinking suitcases? Well, we did it.

July 16 429

April even rounded up her arsenal of 843 Binkies–for the road. It’s apparently a twin thing.

July 16 440

Little dudes are ready…

July 16 443

Teeny, tiny Aunt Jillian has squeezed into her cozy spot–where no other human being could possibly fit. So, we are indeed ready to head off to the big city.

Several hours and a couple of rest stops later, we spotted signs that we were leaving the quiet, foresty, calm world that we had known, thus far.

July 16 450

“Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

July 16 452

“Look! Emerald City is closer, and prettier than ever!”

July 16 455

WAIT. Nobody told me about the tunnel….

the UNDER WATER tunnel!


July 16 456

Perhaps I haven’t shared with you how I feel about tunnels. We won’t talk about the underwater part.

Imagine me, with my eyes squinched shut, fingers in my ears, shrieking. Not a fan of tunnels.

Ok, ok. When I opened up my eyes, I realize that we had survived.

But it was close.

And so the city approaches.

July 16 459

Those are some mighty tall buildings, Opie.

July 16 460

And that-there is a busload of people, Aunt Bee.

July 16 461

While unloading the car we had a swarm of passer-byers make sweet comments about seeing 3 babies all in one place, and about Chompy’s new hat. Wait a second–is this the cold, mean New York, that we’ve heard so much about? Hmmm….

July 16 465

By the time we got our luggage to our rooms upstairs the place really came to life. We did learn fast that if you see something cool and stop to take a picture of it, you’ll cause an immediate 17 people pile up. The proper procedure is to step off to the side and then snap the picture. That may make a few people smile and shake their heads, like, “Oh, you tourists,” but it beats being trampled to death on Broadway.

Our hotel room was just around the corner from Time Square.

July 16 474

We found a familiar pizza joint, first thing. The guy behind the counter yelled at us–and I’m not kidding–to give him our order,  before we even stepped up to the counter.

He said, “Boom, boom, boom! What you want? Hurry! Move!” Don’t be dilly-dallying around in this town man. These folks are in a hurry.

Obviously, some of us were particularly hungry.

July 16 475


July 16 466

So many lights. So many people. So far away from home. So much to look at. So much to squeeze into the next couple of days.

July 16 476

So nice of Johnny Depp to welcome us to town.

Yeah…I feel at home already.

11 Replies to “On To Oz…”

  1. Looks like you guys are having fun! We’re in Boston right now and want to make the trip to NYC soon. We’re worried about taking our two boys so I am watching your blog intently to see how all the kiddos are taking it. I worry taking a 2 and 4 yr old with all the people and traffic!

  2. I’m really enjoying all your picture posts. I’ve been to all these places so far and loved them too!

  3. My NY adventure was a 16 hr whirlwind. From PA with a sweet cousin as tour guide who knows the big apple like the back of her hand – she took on even the most aggressive cabbies. This gal collects Broadway musical programs and museum ticket stubs like I collect state spoons, and we saw, smelled and tasted it all including a Phantom matinee and a glimpse of Angel Moroni while downing some incredible gyros from a street cart while on the run. Who knew you “don’t go up the Empire State building but rather the Rockefeller so you can see the ES”? Or that it’s okay to name your price for those “I Love NY” tee shirts? It was a blast and I quickly learned you don’t stop or stand still for anything – I got pretty good at snapping shots of police on moving horses while moving myself, and found out if there’s a fire truck or other emergency vehicles coming your direction it’s an expectations to simply quicken your step in front of them – yikes! I loved every min of it!!

  4. If only there was a picture of you realizing we were in that tunnel! 😉 Heh.

    It was fun to see the change from the sprawling, green country-side to the massive buildings, cars and people crammed into that one city! I loved both parts though… for different reasons of course… but it was all so great!

    I love looking through all these pictures! 🙂 You’re doing a great job recording our adventure!

  5. We had the twins (18 months)in a double stroller and Chompy in a Baby Bjorn. They did really well. I thought–at first that two umbrellas strollers would work better, but the big stroller ended up being the water bottle and everything else holder. We did have three big burly men to help with getting the thing up and down the subway stairs. That’s important. Also, we had leash type backpacks for the toddlers. Grammy is neurotic about not losing babies. Our are younger, and more irrational–so entertainment and snacks were a big deal. Also, water, water, water. We spent about 2 million dollars on bottled water–it goes fast when you’re filling sippies with it.

  6. We should have taken YOU with us. We had to rookie-learn all that stuff on this trip, so the next one will be much more streamline. But I’ll tell you…a double stroller on a subway is an adventure indeed.

  7. Love the Wizard of Oz analogy!! And I am so jealous… I wish I could have stowed away in one of those little suitcases… but that’s ok, I was visiting my family in WA. I hope you are all just loving it!!

  8. We are big NY fans now…well, not particularly the Jets…or the Giants…but the state. I had to say that, football season approaching, you know. :]

  9. Quite the contrast to yesterday’s post. Polar opposites. I’ve never really ever had the desire to go to NYC. But you are surely tempting me now.

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