Just Peachy Pancakes

Take a stack of simple, pretty pancakes…

butter them. Drain 1 can of peach halves and whirl in blender for 20 seconds.

Pour half a cup of the peach puree over the lonesome pancakes.

Give this beauty a shot of whip cream.

Eat. It. All.

Now go call the police.

You know this has to be illegal.

5 Replies to “Just Peachy Pancakes”

  1. Peaches are awesome. I’m pretty much in love with them! ๐Ÿ™‚ Which reminds me… I hope Peach Shakes are here soon! Oh… glorious!

  2. We could make a million bucks, opening a “Homecooking Cafe” right on Time Square. Think of the tourists that would flood into the place for something familiar. And the New Yorkers? They’d be like, “Simple Cheese Omelet? What’s that? Toasted Tuna? Corn on the Cob?”
    And a mom lounge in the back.
    We’d be so rich.

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