3 Babies, 4 hours, 1 Plane

Yeah–we’ve never done this before. Sounds scary, right?

So, when planning a trip to New York with all the sweet babies, we figured a bit of calm preparation was in order.  This is our attempt to keep things from getting…you know, dicey. Well, and to keep the other passengers from beating us up.

You can’t be too careful these days.

July 13 016

First, we took normally messy, colorful flashcards…

July 13 020

and taped them together–turning them into an easy clean-up distraction.

July 16 001

Next, we found some inexpensive wood characters…

July 16 002

Then I drilled a tiny hole in each corner. Yes, that’s me…with a drill. Yes, that’s me with a drill and a board…on my bed. It was really hot in the garage. It couldn’t be helped.

July 16 007

Once there was a cute little hole in the corner of them all–we made two piles (twins, remember?) and strung them on elastic cord, to keep them together. Can you tell, I’m trying really hard to avoid having to crawl around on the airplane floor looking for a soccer ball and a wooden boat?

Wouldn’t THAT a pretty picture?

Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

July 16 009

From my Grammy stash, we found two babies and tied a bottle and binky to each dolly’s wrist.

July 16 011

Then we bagged some small toys, cars and wind-ups–I was careful to take the bigger-not-so-chokey Fisher-Price people…fear not.

July 16 013

Lastly, we found a very potentially entertaining snap-close box with…more stuff.

In case you are tempted to cry, “Toy overkill!” let me tell you–I’ve researched this, and the experts say, “More beats less, when you’re trying to keep a pack of babies happy and relativly quiet on a plane.”

That’s a noble goal, but personally—I just don’t want to get beat up.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Three babies, four hours, one plane.

Pray for us.


Week 19 Food Storage Prompt: 100 lbs. of wheat

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  1. It was sooo totally longer than that when all was said and done!!! Coming soon… the post called…

    “Your Flight… Oh It’s Gone…”

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