Oh, Ryan…

Just found this video clip of Ryan Gosling when he was just a pup, singing and dancing in his church talent show. I had to share it with you guys because it’s so dang fun to watch him make the very same faces as a kid that he makes now as an adult.

Yeah…he’s one adorable guy.

Little Dash

So I had this little Lyndi girl who liked to dart off in the opposite direction—whenever I called her–to the end of the block, if I wasn’t quick enough.

Perhaps you’ll be horrified to see my solution. That’s right–I had a kid leash for her. Not so much for everyday, of course, but this was all I could think of when we took a trip to Disneyland. I had nightmares of her taking off into a Time Square size crowd and never seeing her again. So, we simply attached her to the stroller that the baby sister was in, thinking that would at least slow her down a bit.

One particularly assertive lady saw our set up and said, “Wow. Are you afraid of something?” and I just smiled and said, “Well, not now.”  Hmph.

It was weird, but it worked and we still have our little Lyndi–to this very day.

Oh, and you’ll be happy to know that she’s been leash free for over 20 years…and counting.

Now…if we could only find that thing again…

for Miss Chompy.

:}                                                                                                                                                                          556

Dolphin Summer

There was this one magical summer when I was about seven that–if I remember correctly–my sister and I turned into fish. Or so it seemed.

Living in L.A. where we did, meant that many of our friends in other neighborhoods had pools. We, however, did not. So, naturally we spent most of the summer begging our mother to ask other people’s mothers if we could come swim in their pools. Every once in a while, it worked but not often enough.

So one day–in my little kid memory–my dad came home with a swimming pool–not a sissy, baby, splashy thing but a pretty close to real, live, up-to-your-neck, no kidding swimming pool. Oh, we got our jobs done before anyone was out of bed, I’ll tell you, so that we could get the ok from mom to jump in and swim our little guts out. Now this may not seem like such a big deal to you, but I could never actually swim before this summer. I was the usually the girl on the shallow side steps–or close by. But somehow this pool, this magical pool gave me super duper swimming powers, because suddenly, I could paddle and kick and do somersaults and dive from the second step and even cannonball–without holding my nose. And to my own amazement, I didn’t drown…not even once. It was like channeling Flipper.

Yes-sir-ee, that was one special summer all right.

Too bad that when–for some reason–the pool was no longer with us, I completely, entirely, irrevocably lost my magical swimming powers. Poof! Just like that. I was reduced to sitting on the steps at the neighbors pool or hopping up and down in the kiddie side. It was like a horrible remake of Flowers For Algernon where the scientists give some simple guy an operation and he becomes a genius and then he mysteriously turns “dumb” again and…drops dead. Very sad.

I’ll tell you how sad–

When I was a senior in high school, I took a beginning swim class–with the freshmen and a couple of kids from the middle school. Our final was to swim around in the deep end for 5 minutes without touching the side.  Yeah, I pretty much drowned and they had to fish me out with a net. Got a D+ if you must know.

But I have this picture–this one picture to prove that the magical dolphin summer was real and I didn’t just dream it…and best of all…

I haven’t dropped dead.

So ha.                                   

The Mystery Cup

Now I know that I left some of you hanging last week on this little cup thing. I knew that my close friends and family would know what this cup is and the significance it had…to me anyway–but they were banned from telling what they knew. It would have been cheating anyway.

So I’ll tell you.

Years ago, I did some intense research for a book I was writing called, “Ellie’s Gold.” It took place in the year 1897 when the Utah pioneers had officially been in the valley for 50 years. Salt Lake City had a huge Jubilee celebration that lasted nearly a week. The activities included parades, fireworks, games, exhibits, parties, carnivals, and concerts…just to name a few.  I’d read in and old newspaper that in commemoration of the event, the city had a special “Jubilee Cup” made that showed scenes from the “old pioneer days.” If a person wanted one–back in 1897–they had to mail order it for $1.00.  In my book, I had the family send for one. When it arrived, this is what Ellie said:

Now, I’d seen one of these cups in the Pioneer museum many years ago and it made my heart just skip a beat. There it was–for real. I even got so brave as to ask the lady at the desk if I could look at it up close and maybe even touch it…just for a second. She looked like I’d pinched her cat and said, “Why no dear.” She was a terrible sharer.

I was crushed.

So there we were, April and I, a zillion years later in the antique shop and there it sat behind the glass case.

Only this time, the lady said, “Would you like to hold it?”

“YES!” I said. There’s a slight chance I might have screamed a little. But the lady just smiled at me and put the cup in my hand. A real live, 106 year old Jubilee cup, that somebody ordered from the newspaper, and drank water out of for a long, long time and then tucked away in the attic somewhere until it was clean forgotten, for years and years by almost everybody.


And it’s my very own now.

If you come over, I’ll let you hold it…

because some people know how to share real good.



Dang Cool

I forgot to mention that I did pick up a little treasure on our antique spree the other day. It would, I’m sure, be considered a silly thing to most people. But when the lady unlocked the glass case and let me hold the darn thing…my hands were shaking. See, I’d been looking for this pretty cup for about 15 years, and never thought for a second that I’d ever touch one–never mind take one home.

Now I suppose there aren’t many people on this planet that know what this even is. But I’ll give you a tiny hint…

Any guesses my friends?

Just curious.