Peanut Butter & Jelly “Sushi”

Tell the truth…

Have you ever, in your whole life–seen a kiddie snack this adorable?

No. I’m sure you certainly have not.

Come with me. I’ll show you how to make them yourself.

Start with the basics:


Peanut Butter


Cream cheese

Squish the bread flat. This step gave me the perfect chance to use my cute little roller again.

Load 3 pastry bags with jelly, cream cheese, and peanut butter. That should keep things tidy.

Somewhere along the way, trim off one edge of the bread—I found that this really helps when you are pinching it all closed, at the end. As you’ll see in the pictures, I didn’t do it for some and it was harder to seal.

Pipe in a line of peanut butter…

and fold the bread down over it.

Now pipe a line of jelly…

and fold it over again.

Lastly, pipe a line of cream cheese and fold over one final time.

Be sure to pinch the “seam” together so that it will hold is cute little sushi shape. Cut in 3/4 to 1 inch segments with a sharp knife or kitchen scissors. You may need to plump the little dears back into shape–but it will work.

Feel free to try other fillings, if you like. We tried a strawberry cream and look how adorable!!

They were a huge hit with the hobbits…


And just think…

you didn’t believe your kids would ever eat sushi!

7 Replies to “Peanut Butter & Jelly “Sushi””

  1. Of course that hobbit loved it, she is great eater! I might have to try this for my girls.

  2. How fun! I must admit though that I liked the word “pipe”. I think I have never piped anything in my food prep or cooking. It’s a naive thing I’m sure.

    I bought my limes and I already have sweetened condensed milk so now I am ready to make Brazilian lemonade. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the strainer. I’m excited to use it.

    Also, I just wanted to thank you again for making such a nice Eclipse party for everyone. Our little grandson, Miles, is loving the finger puppets I won. We leave them on his high chair lid thingy and he plays with them at every mealtime. Or, I should say I play with them and talk to him with funny voices. He thinks I’m a bit silly.

  3. Oh my — those are SO cute!! What a fun idea!!! Thanks for all of the wonderful ideas and recipes and thoughts and…. and…..and…. everything else that you do!!!! You Rock!!!

  4. Piping comes from having a dad that’s a pastry chef…it’s an icing thing I guess.

    You’ll love the Limeade…I guess I need to make some too. Dane’s never had it either.

    I’m sooo glad you like the puppets. The gal who makes them is so cute to us. She’s a sweet friend right here in Utah. We use ours in church. It looks like I’m carrying a mild mannered Altoids box in my church bag and then–surprise! Puppets everywhere!

  5. They were soooo fun! And no kidding, Dane kept coming in saying, “Have any more of those peanut butter thingies?” They’re pretty fun to eat too.

  6. These turned out super cute! I never would’ve thought of doing something like this, but it’s darling! What a fun way to teach your kids to use chopsticks too! Think of all the different kinds of sandwiches you could do this with. Wow. So great!

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