Fresh Cucumbers

August 20 119

If you have ten billion cucumbers at your place—like some folks do this time of year—maybe you’d love an easy way to enjoy them–and to get your kids to do the same.


Start by peeling them like a potato. Now, I’m all for getting all the nutrients out of everything by leaving the peel on, but this is a fun bit of diversion from the norm. Compost the peels if you need to feel better about not leaving them on. That should help.

cucumbers (2)

Next, pour about a teaspoon of salt onto the cucumber and rub it into the outside–gets rid of the bitter taste.

cucumbers (3)

Cut the cute little veggie in quarters–long ways.

cucumbers (5)

Slice or scoop out the seeds.

cucumbers (4)

Rinse off the salt and any remaining seeds.


Slice them into cubes before some ridiculous bald kid comes along and makes you start all over.

Sheesh.August 23 029

Chomp, Baby Chompy.


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  1. My favorite way to eat a cucumber is still as a pickle… but this is at least a CUTE way to eat them! 😉 Heh. At least Baby Chomp is branching out!

    Love the pictures!

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