“That Cake Guy”

I remember some kid at school asking me one day, “Isn’t your dad that cake guy?” and I said, “Yep.” I didn’t really get how he knew it, though. Turns out, that his brother was in my sister’s class and she had brought her teacher a fancy birthday cake that dad had made.

Laurie and I were famous for about two days–as daughters of “that cake guy.” It was lovely while it lasted.

Many years later, when I was married, with a couple of kids, Daddy called me and said, “Marie Osmond wants me to make her wedding cake.” I positively–ok, ok, nearly fainted dead away.

What you may not know, is that I’d always been a Donny fan and was, in fact, certain that if he’d been in his right mind–which he wasn’t–he would have married me…instead of whoever he actually married. So this was indeed big news.

Dad fussed and messed around in the bake shop for weeks, figuring and calculating how to make the most enormous cake he’d ever made before–because it’s what Marie wanted. I remember the day he was working on that bottom tier–biggest thing I’d ever seen–when somebody said, “Well, it’s pretty, but how are you going to fit it out the door?”

Eee Gads.


There he was, nearly finished with the thing and in fact, it wouldn’t, couldn’t possibly fit out the door.

Do you suppose it’s blasphemous to pray your guts out for a cake? I hope not, because that’s exactly what we did. As Dad and the guys lifted the ridiculous thing and headed to the door, we all whispered, “Please-please-please-please…” Then, as they started to tip it to the side, we crossed our fingers that it wouldn’t slide off the cake board and smash to the ground. We all chanted, “don’t let it slip…don’t let it slip…don’t let it slip.”

Miracle of miracles–and lucky for US…our prayers were answered…

and it didn’t.

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Happy Birthday Beckham!

Happy Birthday Lily!


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  1. My dad was just talking about this on Sunday. It must have been amazing for you kids….a big celebrity asking your dad for a cake…..AWESOME!!!!

  2. 🙂 I like that story, and grandpa always got such a kick out of it. 🙂 The was the biggest cake ever…I have NO IDEA how he did it!
    The Osmonds are Rob’s second cousins… haha! Kinda fun to say too! 🙂

  3. When I worked at the deli there was a coworker who randomly talked about how Marie Osmond’s cake was one of the biggest and made a couple or records. She almost didn’t believe me when I said it my Grampa who made it.

  4. hi aunt launi,
    im ruths daughter. im so glad i found your blog. i have always known this story but not the details. im glad you put it up.

  5. That is some cake!! It’s not only the biggest cake I’ve ever seen but one of the most beautiful too.You can be sure that with a cake that size everyone would have got a good size piece – and probably still had some left over! What a great piece of family history!

  6. I love that story!!! Those are such great pics! I don’t think I ever noticed before the littler ones that are attached to the shoots at the bottom!!! So cool!

    Happy Birthday Beckham and Lily!!

  7. Grandpa is amazing! 🙂 I just love his creations… and more so… his stories! I love the twinkle in his eye when he would talk about his life. I also love that he got that same look when he’d come visit me at the bakery. One of the best parts of that job was thinking of him being proud of me. I love him so much! 😀

  8. So how do you suppose, with the exception of hair style maybe, Marie hasn’t changed hardly at all? I mean her skin is still perfect and smooth and that fabulous smile still sparkles – oh to be rich and famous.
    PS You weren’t the only one eying Donny boy. It was a tragic day when he announced that Debbie would be his wife and not me. 🙂
    PPS Happy Birthday twins – how can they possibly be 3 already?!

  9. I know, I know. The rich thing…sigh…well we have joy and wealth in sooo many places. I really wouldn’t trade lives with anyone.
    I do love YOUR house though. hahaha.

  10. Yes, those cakes were called “satellites.” Each of the brothers got to take one home and you know, they were huge. Goes to show how big the main one was!

  11. Funny thing is that the tabloids all came out for the next month saying that Marie “imported” a European chef to create her cake. We had a good laugh over that! For weeks my dad would pretend to speak with a French accent whenever people brought it up. :}

  12. Well, I remember he had to make the pan himself and the biggest thing was–would it fit in his oven–and we know THAT is huge! All the guys had to help him lift it to the oven too, because it was awkward and heavy. Then of course, we were all nervous that it wouldn’t be cooked all the way through. But it was. Phew!

  13. He was really good in the celebrity circles. He’d put on that tux and just turn into a real class act. It was pretty dang fun. :}

  14. Remember the one he made and put in a resin ball? It sure does mean a lot to me now.
    And as much as those roses are so “him” I like to remember that my mom actually put each one of them together, petal by petal–so in the end they were very much “her” as well. :}

  15. Hi,
    May I please see more photos of Debbie Osmond’s blue dress? I would like to sew one for myself. 🙂

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