Loveliness To Come

So, April calls me one morning, and innocently says, “Do you need to go to JoAnn’s?”

“Neeeed?” I say. “Neeeed? Um…yeah, come to think of it. I DO.”  heh, heh.

I desperately need to buy stacks of interlock to make warm undershirts and nightgowns for the little people. It’s mandatory.

With all those upcoming holidays–I’m pretty sure I need some twirly skirt fabric…and maybe enough for a teeny, tiny bow tie..or two. So very important.

And there’s this special project that I’d like to undertake–I’ll show you soon–that involves Cars, Tinkerbell and Ponyo. It’ll be fabulous…and incredibly necessary.

And lastly…how could we resist this lovely duo for a Toddler Sleeping Bag–for Chompy? She’s in love with “Chally Bown”–besides, it’s emergency preparedness. And of course, we want to “prepare every needful thing.”


Now, I can truly say, “Bring on the blizzard.”

With my needed stash–I’m ready to be snowed in, for at least a month.


:} Check back at 10:00 am to find out the winner of our “Steamed Pudding Mold” giveaway!

7 Replies to “Loveliness To Come”

  1. Ohhhhh I want to see what you’re up to. I’m determined to finish my eye spy quilt and the game pieces that will go with it. I also have a quilt nearly done for the guest room that I want to finish up. Plus I already know what the ladies in my life are getting for Christmas next year and plan to have them done by spring. We need to get snowed in together – I propose a sleep over at my house and self imposed confinement to see how much thread we can go through.

  2. Dannnng that would be fun. But you know me…I travel in packs. You are amazing. It’s my goal to have Christmas pulled together too by the summertime. What is an “I Spy” quilt? Hmmmm?

  3. Well, I really don’t like “unveiling” something before it’s completely finished because I need to keep the momentum. I still tackling Christmas boxes–then, I swear, I’ll finish them all. You’ll see. :}

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