Pretty Baby~

Before quilt market, April and I hit on a fantastic idea.


Since she would have a booth at the Moda area, why not use that cute baby as a living mannequin–so to speak. We could dress her up in pretty little ruffly things made with the prettiest fabric on the planet. SUCH a good idea!


I scoured the internet and found just the right patterns–four to be exact–for the entire event. That baby would have a new outfit from her mama’s fabric for all three days at the conference and one special dress to wear to the fancy-schmancy black and white formal dinner.


The teensy tiny catch was that I only had 6 days to make the 4 outfits.


The race was on!


1~ The first thing was the easiest. I made the little pants to go with a sweet little red shirt. Sadly, because I made the top last, I don’t have a picture of it.


2~ Next, was this little summer dress. It was autumn weather her in Utah, but it was warmer in Texas, so this outfit would still work.


I was nervous that this one would be too wide for this tiny baby girl so I sewed a tie on the front…


that cinched it up just enough, with a little bow in the back.




3~ This sweet flowery top…


with the double tiered, ruffly bloomers. So dang cute!!


4~ And last of all, the “formal” dress for the Black and White dinner.

I finished the last stitch on the last top–the red one–about an hour before taking April and Jacob and the baby to the airport. Yeah, that’s pushing it, I know.

But it worked…

in the nick of time!



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On It Goes~


Just added a couple more pretty pillows to the shop. The ponies were Miss Chompy’s idea because she came with me to the fabric store. No, there wasn’t any passing up this fabric. The second I had one made–she claimed it. Luckily, I made a few more.


Had just enough of this fabric for the Viking’s fan to get one- and one more for the shop.

Fun little roll I’m on these days.

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Dog Bone Pillow Fest


This is what I spent a few weeks out of my life creating right before Christmas time. Dog Bone Pillows! These little suckers are positively amazing I tell you. They are perfect for tucking behind your neck, or on your shoulder to rest your head more comfortably when watching tv, or reading a book, or as a passenger in a car or bus or train or plane.

I actually inherited my mom’s Dog Bone Pillow and it kept getting swiped by the kids, so this year, I cut a pattern from it and went a little nuts.


Needless to say, all the adults in the family got one for Christmas. Some of the inlaws weren’t even sure what they were. But oh, my…we showed them. Jacob propped his up against the side of the rocking chair and rested his head on it. He woke up an hour later.

I didn’t actually count how many I needed when I started sewing. I just cut out pillows in lots of different fabrics. So in the end, I had about 20 or so left. I suppose they’ll do nicely in the Etsy Shop. Especially if people have ever used one before. It only takes one happy little experience with these magical thingys. Trust me.

They’ll be hooked and then it will be DOG BONES FOR EVERYONE!!

DSC_0265Except Jiff.

She wasn’t a bit impressed.

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Snow Day

Well, I had big plans to show you some fabulous cookies, or candy or a sewing project that’s in the works, but then this happened. Now you know perfectly well, that I love snow, but the problem with this particular storm was that it darkened the whole sky so that at around 3:00–it looked like the sun was on it’s way down. Under those apocalyptic conditions, the cookie pictures turned out dark and dreadful. The candy pictures are yellow and dull. And the sewing pictures…ok, I didn’t actually take any–because of the cookie and candy photo bust.

So, I decided to take you on a little tour of the new books that magically keep arriving at my door, from Amazon. I think that maybe I walk in my sleep and that I’ve been secretly pushing the “Buy Now” button…over…and over…and over. At least my sleepy self has good taste. This is “Warm Fuzzies” by Betz White, and it’s filled with lovely things you can do with thrift store finds. Oh, my kinda book.

Oooh-hoo–doesn’t this one look fun? Fellow blogger “Bakerella” has finally done it. Her book is stuffed full of the cute little Cake Pops that we made before only with tons of ideas to make them even cuter! Stay tuned!

Here’s another by Betz White–Sewing Green–again, making use of repurposed fabric and clothes.

I know, I know…Christmas is over. But there are some little Russian dollies in “FaLaLaLa Felt” that I’ll be soothing myself with very soon–once the Bald Kid leaves for Siberia. yikes.

Saved the sweetest for last. Now tell me honestly, wouldn’t this “Candy Babies” baby face be worth whatever is in this book? It was for me…so I bought it. Luckily, it’s a crochet book…and I can do that. I’m just saying…

Go on ahead, you old dark, and dreadful snow storm. As you can see, I have plenty of amazing things to do and I’m quite cozy in my little house where it’s warm.

So I say, “bring it.”



Happy Birthday Anita!


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