Moda Fabric Winners!!


Beth says:

Love love love the Prep School Knockout! I’m a sucker for argyle!
Good luck with your quilt, my biggest downfall when it comes to quilting is keeping my seams accurate!



Molly says:

I am also a professional seam ripper, amateur sewer/quilter. :) I like grammy’s scrap basket. Good Luck on your quilting….I am continually impressed with you Anderson girls and mama!! Way to go!

Congratulations ladies!! Thanks everyone for entering the giveaway. Stay tuned. Another giveaway of magnamonious proportions coming up. Yes, I did make up that word. :}

Newbie Quilting and Giveaway

Day 1

Yes-sir-ee~I promised to try my shaky hand at making my very first quilted table runner for Valentine’s Day and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.  This beautiful pattern comes from the “21st Century Charm School” blog, and it’s called All Boxed Up.

Oh, and I am very brave–just so you know.

Felt pretty confident with this actually, I mean, after all–I’ve been sewing since I was a kid.  So what’s the big deal?

“Sew the squares together…” yeah, yeah.

Not so tough…

but wait!

What the HECK?! Why are my edges not matching up?!

The pattern says, “be sure to pin you pieces together as you sew, so that your edges don’t turn out uneven.”

Oh, surrrre. NOW you tell me. I’ve discovered that even if you read the instructions ahead of time, it’s very important that you then follow them.


Meet my little friend Jack…the seam ripper. We’re very close.

So by the light of the moon, we ripped…Jackie and I…and …

this is what straight edges look like. This girl can be taught.

Now I bet you’re thinking to yourself,  “Launi, what is your problem?! Why I could whip up one of these lovelies in twenty minutes.”

Well, here’s your chance to show me.

21st Century Charm School and Prairie Grass Patterns are giving away not one—but two– Table runner gift packs to two lucky readers! All the amazing MODA fabric you need to create your own beautiful-beyond-belief table runner!

To enter, click on either of the links above and go to the shop. Come back here and tell me which is your favorite pattern.  Then I hope you’ll wish me luck with my first quilting project. I’m gonna need it!

I’ll announce the winners on Friday morning, February 4th at 10:00 am.

Run, run. Fly, fly. Tweet. Facebook. Tell your friends. Enter. Enter.



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Loveliness To Come

So, April calls me one morning, and innocently says, “Do you need to go to JoAnn’s?”

“Neeeed?” I say. “Neeeed? Um…yeah, come to think of it. I DO.”  heh, heh.

I desperately need to buy stacks of interlock to make warm undershirts and nightgowns for the little people. It’s mandatory.

With all those upcoming holidays–I’m pretty sure I need some twirly skirt fabric…and maybe enough for a teeny, tiny bow tie..or two. So very important.

And there’s this special project that I’d like to undertake–I’ll show you soon–that involves Cars, Tinkerbell and Ponyo. It’ll be fabulous…and incredibly necessary.

And lastly…how could we resist this lovely duo for a Toddler Sleeping Bag–for Chompy? She’s in love with “Chally Bown”–besides, it’s emergency preparedness. And of course, we want to “prepare every needful thing.”


Now, I can truly say, “Bring on the blizzard.”

With my needed stash–I’m ready to be snowed in, for at least a month.


:} Check back at 10:00 am to find out the winner of our “Steamed Pudding Mold” giveaway!

“All Boxed Up” Table Runner

Here’s a lovely, fun thing for the holidays–from my cute friend…ok, ok, it’s my daughter~April~over at 21st Century Charm School. I just HAD to show you this pretty little table runner–because it’s so dang cute–not to mention that the pattern is FREE–just in time for Christmas.

It whips up quick using whatever fabric floats your boat. She used Christmas prints, but of course, you can choose your personal favorites and have this one finished in an evening. April swears that it’s so easy that even I can do it. Now that’s saying something–since I’m not a big quilter…yet. I’ll be back in the near future to show you how mine turned out.

If you’d like the darling “All Boxed Up” table runner pattern just click the words–and it’s yours. Imagine the possibilities!

Merry Christmas to you my dah-lings.