Another birthday we have this month is our little month is our sweet little Lily. She asked if I could make the Pokemon character named Skitty for her. There are some really clever people in this world–and I’m not one to reinvent the wheel…so to speak. So, I found the perfect pattern at Sabrina’s Crochet. Thanks Sabrina, for saving me time–and well, just saving me–if you know what I mean.

Yeah, I know. Pokemon are very strange creatures. But this one wasn’t so bad, in fact it was dang fun…

and not nearly as weird as some of them that I’ve seen.

Thank Heaven no one has asked me to make something, you know… creepy.

But then, I’m not finished yet.


With The Kids


While my daughter April went to Quilt Market, in Texas–I got to stay behind (wahhh!) and take care of the kiddos (hooray!). We actually had tons of fun just hanging out, doing homework, annnnnd….

putting together a gargantuan 1000 piece puzzle. I wasn’t sure that they’d care ANYthing about such a huge thing with such teeny, tiny pieces.

But they did. We spent hours and hours sitting at the table talking, and laughing, and finding pieces for each other. Probably helped that it was a puzzle about candy.

It also helped that we had plenty of Cheetos on hand. Speaking of hands, look what I found.

Skeleton Cheetos!!! Whoever heard of such a thing?


Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

As if Cheetos needed to get any better. These ones were white cheddar flavored. Oh, my goodness…YUM.


This little guys is yelling, “SAVE ME!!”

Too late.

Heh, heh, heh.

Girls’ Night

 So, with Beckham away, on his first Father and son’s camp out–Lily decided that she would be needing a girl’s night out.  We all agreed.

Even the one boy who got to come.

Naturally, a million pounds of pizza was in order…

and doing girl-type stuff in the backyard that didn’t include monsters, zombies or bad guys. Just swinging and playing house and taking turns being “the mom.”

Then back inside to watch Pocahontas with it’s funny critters…

and magical love songs…

and lots of popcorn.

Next everyone chose their favorite color of toenail polish…

applied by Aunt April–

of course.

This was so much fun that the girls are trying to figure out how to get the guys to leave again someday very soon. It shouldn’t be too hard.

As long as we don’t tell them about the pizza.


These Cuties

Last week, I took on a new and very different job for 5 days.

I got to look after this handsome Beckham fellow…

and his pretty sister Lily while their folks were gone…to Cancun. Yeah, I know. Cool, right?

I was a little nervous at first because, well, it’s been awhile since I’ve been the person in charge. When you’re in the Grammy Phase the only person you’re the boss of is yourself. So this was very, very different.

So was this…

and this and the natural peanut butter that you have to stir. Very interesting…and tasty but different.

April–the mom–is really getting into the healthier life-style–as we all are. She’s just a little further along on the path than some of us. We’re working on it.

Here’s something else that was different. No, not the kids. Look at the wooly sheep by Lily’s elbow, and the other one behind Beckham’s head. Those, my friends are dogs. Bali and Petra to be exact. Have you ever heard me talk about dogs? No, you haven’t because I have cats at my place. No canines. So taking care of two doggies was pretty dang new to me.

In fact, as part of our weekly adventures, we got to take them to the groomers–which was a-day-at-the-circus all by itself. Especially when I couldn’t find the leashes…anywhere. Just let your imagination soar here, and you’ll get the picture.

But this little guy and his sister and mommy came to visit us too–which was wonderful.

After playing in the sprinklers and in the kiddie pool, the little people did plenty of this.

And once they were in bed–I did plenty of this and  this. Yeah, I’m in love with these guys…  which is of course…

nothing different at all.

Heh, heh.