Washcloth Bibs

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So easy, so fun, so resourceful.

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When you’ve taken all the random T-shirts and made baby pants, and rice pillows and nightcaps and pirate hats out of them…

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you end up with quite a pile of scraps. Perhaps you’ve noticed, but I just have a hard time wasting stuff like this. I’d say it was because I’m a child of the depression, but I’m not. It’s just fun to find a new life for something on it’s last leg.

You will need:

old T-shirts

colorful washcloths


sewing machine

Bibs 108

So, we cut the sleeves off and most of the front and back and cut through the back neck piece of the shirt.

Bibs 109

Then we laid the washcloth on top…

Bibs 110

and sewed it on.

Bibs 037

You can sew down the bottom of the shirt back to the washcloth as well, if you’d like. Some I did, some I didn’t. Either way works.

Bibs 019

Another way to do it is to cut the shirt in more of a half circle…

Bibs 036

and sew it on top of the washcloth. Again, either way works.

We found that if you turn the bib around–it also makes an adorable cape…

Bibs 142

just perfect for the hardworking superhero.

Bibs 131

33 Replies to “Washcloth Bibs”

  1. He wore that bib until we forceably removed it—and it’s usually the other way around. Brilliant, I say!

  2. I love them! Are they for sale? I want one…two…three…oh goodness I will take them ALL!!!! Mwahahahahaha!

    You are so smart and resourceful. I am a total waster. I need to do better on that.

  3. I’m already super glad that you made these… tried and true… that fast!!! πŸ™‚ I love that they are bigger than usual and cover up Baby Chomp’s shoulders; other bibs just don’t cover enough! These are AWESOME!!!

  4. I wouldn’t really know how to sell something from a recycled T-shirt. That seems kinda odd to me. We have one that the neck was too small even for Lily–I got carried away–so we thought of Piper.

  5. Hello Travis–Welcome. If you like recycled stuff–you should see what we do with plastic bags around here. Thanks for visiting us.

  6. Hi, I just discovered your blog….& my question is–if you cut through the neck band of the t-shirt (your orange shirt example), how do you keep it on the baby? In other words, how is it fastened? Also, what happens to the back “piece” of t-shirt beneath the neck band, once you have sewed the wash cloth to the front? My idea is that you cut it into a nice shape (or flush with the neck band?) and then zig-zag finish the edge. Just wanted your feed back, since I would love to make these very practical bibs! πŸ™‚

  7. Oh, my goodness–I did forget to add that in–didn’t I? I just measured around the baby’s head and added about 1/2 inch. With right sides together I sewed a new seam right up the back. And you’re right–I did fold up the edge about 1/4 inch and zig zag it. I’ll get that in the post. Thanks for nudging me to make it more clear.

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  9. This is a great way to make a bib! I work with students with Autism and some need bibs. This bib doesn’t have to look like it’s for a baby but is more appropriate for school age students. Thank you for the idea!

  10. Thanks so much for the idea! I have a 9 month old who is always pulling her bibs off, and she drools like you wouldn’t believe, so the terry towelling is a must – and they are expensive to buy – this is perfect! I bought a size 2 shirt from the op shop and cut off the top part, and used some terry towelling I had from years ago. I didn’t have to alter the neck at all. I actually cut a U shape out of the terry and it goes from the back all the way down, because she tends to wet the shoulders of her bibs as well. Wish I could post a photo!

    My next experiment will be with a shirt I got that has a snap at the back – will be interesting to see how that goes to make a bib with a snap at the back.

  11. why couldnt you use a childs shirt , maybe a size 5 than having to cut down a adults. I want to try this real soon. Sounds really cute.

  12. Oh, I’m sure you could! I just have an over abundance of men’s shirts and needed to find something to do with them. :}

  13. I wish I could buy some too!!!!! Not domestic at all and I don’t have a sewing machine πŸ™

  14. Wow! I see this was posted a while back but thought I would comment, I work in a nursing and rehab center and they use clothing protectors quite a bit. I have often thought of making some in fun colors with large hand towels.. now I know how to make the neck part! Thank you! πŸ™‚

  15. I absolutely love this!! I’m a newbie when it comes to sewing and I’m really wanting to attempt a few projects. This seems like a good beginners project and it includes upcycling!! I do have a question though.. I’m currently 30 weeks so I don’t have a baby’s neck to measure around for the back. Do you think it could work if I somehow made a button clasp or snap? What would you suggest?

  16. Hi Kristina,

    I would suggest a button because it would be easy to make smaller and bigger just by adding another button further over. We’ve sewed ties on the back sometimes too, for the same reason. It wasn’t as good as a couple of buttons, but it was faster, and I was in a hurry. πŸ˜€ Let me know how it goes.

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