The First Day of Fall

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Happy Autumn Everyone!

Can you feel it? That crispy nip that’s slowly creeping into the evening air. The colors of the yard slipping over to the deeper greens and browns and oranges. The need for longer sleeves and socks as the sun goes down. Leaves and apples and football. Hmmmmm…delicious.

September 22nd is the official “First Day of Fall” and our very favorite time of year. To celebrate we will be hosting an “Autumn Week of Winners” with a giveaway a day (except Sunday) beginning tomorrow–Wednesday, September 23, 2009 and ending Wednesday, September 30, 2009. Just think–seven prizes that you’ll reeeally want to win. No, really.

The giveaway prizes will help get this lovely holiday season off to a warm and cozy start–free stuff is always a good thing!

Stay tuned—you’re really going to LOVE this!

9 Replies to “The First Day of Fall”

  1. I LOVE changing seasons! 🙂 It’s not just Spring that sparks feeling of renewal… it’s any change in the weather I think! 🙂

    That’s a LOT of giveaways!!! I hope everyone likes what you’ve got up your sleeves. We’ve got lots of crafts coming up too!!! We’ll have to show them all of those sooner than later!

    YAY for Fall!!! Happy Autumn Everyone!!! ***:D***

  2. What a cute pumpkin! Do you have lots of those growing? Mallory and Sadie would love to come and see them. However, we will keep a safe distance away just in case spiders decide to show up. 😉

  3. I want fall!!!! Do you here me crying here in blazing hot California? I answered “no” to all your questions. The only way we know it’s fall here is the Santa Ana winds are suppose to start blowing today. But so far, nada. Still feels and looks like summer.

  4. I think we have about four. But after the spider incident, I haven’t been brave enough to go dig around. I’m a big chicken cry-baby. You guys come anytime.

  5. Well, my dah-ling–you should come up here and visit us and get your fill of FALL. We are having a lovely time with it. The days are still warm here too, but the nights are getting a bit nippier. I love it so much.

  6. Fall is my favorite!!! (It never hurts when your birthday lands in a season, right?) Rebekah and I celebrated the first day of fall with a walk and finding acorns! She was so tickled and all she can talk about is feeding them to squirrels (no matter how often we tell her squirrels don’t make good pets).

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