Sleeve Cap

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I know what you’re thinking–“Of course the cap is sleevless. Sheesh!”  Sure, sure. But wait. That’s not what I mean. This stripey cap that’s a sweet little cross between Wee Willie Winkie and Captain Jack is made from a SLEEVE.

Dec 18 002

Back last Christmas, I was making a valiant attempt to be frugal and creative at the same time. Often that can go quite badly, but lucky for us–it turned out surprisingly well. The bottom left piece of this shirt was made into rice pillows. The bottom right piece was made into night caps for the bald kid–he didn’t even mind the flowers. The neck piece is still in the creation stage.

Dec 18 006

And the sleeve pieces I just turned wrong side out…

december 22, 2008 010

and sewed up the curved side. Here they are turned right side out again.

december 22, 2008 012

The babies have had these since December but Lily has just discovered that she can actually put them on…

stuff 008

pretty much by herself.

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Simple. Sweet. Free.

Beat that.

Made something cool from an unexpected source? Tell me, tell me. I love comments!

13 Replies to “Sleeve Cap”

  1. I love that Miss Boo can put those on by herself… it just makes it that much cuter! 🙂

    Hmmm… I really want to be a crafty, creative, maker of awesome things… but I don’t think I’m there yet?!? I used to make the walls of my room one big collage… which made me pretty happy! These days I’m dreaming of the scrapbook pages I can make when I have more minutes for that… and I’m painting Baby Chomp’s room!!!

  2. I sure do like your blog. You are such a great writer. You are also very creative.

  3. The neck piece appears to be the perfect fit for a bib. Some trim around the edge (or turned under) and maybe slit up the back so it can overlap (velcro?) to accommodate any size neck.


  5. Impressive to me especially since I am afraid of that contraption that starts with “sewing” and ends with “machine”.

  6. I’ve made a dress out of a pair of pants with one seam rip and one line of stitching. But I think you already knew that one 🙂

  7. Oh–you’ll be the maker of cool, crafty, and creative stuff alright! We’re all waiting to see what you’ve got in your head. I know it will be so fun. We love you.

  8. Thanks so much for the kind comments. It is a really fun blog to write too. How is your family? They are all getting so grown up.

  9. You should just come over here and let me introduce you to my boyfriend–the sewing machine. He’s very user friendly. Honest.

  10. Yeah–you, my dear, are the make-over QUEEN. I wish we had before and afters for all the stuff you’ve done over the years. You should BLOG about it!

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