I Win the Prize…

for the most effective use of a Christmas gift card in a 30 minute period. Here’s how it went.

July9 022

The card was for this cool place–a Toys R Us for grown-ups, called “Orson Gygi’s Culinary Solutions.” Hot dang–did we have a good time spending all that play money. Check out our loot…

July9 026

A Pastry blender–a sturdy one, not a wimpy one that bends every time you give it a job. We use these for tons of stuff.

July9 027

Key Lime Oil. The flavor of the Gods…we’re a bit obsessed with Key Lime anything around here.

July9 030

A teeny, tiny grater. You know, for putting cheese on Barbie’s pizza. ha ha. Or shaving chocolate maybe. Ok, ok. I just thought it was cute.

July9 035

I’m excited to try this one–a real, authentic tortilla press, for homemade tortillas. Yum! If I get really good at it–maybe I’ll show you.

July9 037

A small, double ended pastry roller. Yeah, we could have used this with the Fruit Pizza.

July9 038

A sandwich cutter. This is for the babies so we can cut their sandwiches into dinosaur shapes. Somehow that seems like a pretty important thing to be able to do. I’m just guessing.

July9 039

Pickle tongs–because after watching a couple of boys fish a pickle out of the jar–with their fingers–well, it tends to make one not so interested in pickles anymore. Yes, I’m determined to  teach those cavemen some manners.

July9 040

A nice, long spatula. This was a surprise for Lyndi because she’s the resident cake decorator in these parts and she likes this sort of thing.

July9 032

We dropped our last candy thermometer and busted it in a million pieces. THIS time, we opted for a metal one. See? We can be taught.

July9 036

A veggie steamer. This was the bald kid’s choice because he seems to think that we should steam our vegetables. La de da. And so we shall.

When we rang up all our stuff–the lady said, “You have $14.15 left on your card,” and since THAT’s not acceptable,  April flew back and grabbed a measuring spoon set, a donut cutter and 5 spice jars. She scurried home with them before we got a picture. Trust me they’re cool.

All in all–we spent 85 cents and hauled home a bus load of loot.

Just think of all the kitchen adventures that are coming up with all this cool stuff!

Stay tuned…



Week 17 food storage prompt: 2 cans tuna, 4 cans Tomato soup

6 Replies to “I Win the Prize…”

  1. Holy shnikees! That’s a bundle of goods there. Who was the kind person that gave you that gift card? I need to be added to their Christmas gift list!

    I love that all your stuff seems like things you will actually use and enjoy. Fun, fun toys for sure. I will look forward to more creative and beautiful things coming from the kitchen. (as usual)

  2. Lyndi and Nate–of course. I saved it all these months so that I could plan my attack very carefully. We got everything on the list and there was still enough left to get prizes for everyone who behaved themselves. It was so cool.

  3. I love the tortilla press. I have a delicious recipe for wheat tortillas. Yum! You got some great stuff. Jealous!

  4. You did an AWESOME job with your gift card… and that was cute of you to get things that made you think of other people!!! I think the grater can be for Jillian since she’s sooo petite! 😉 Heh. Good shopping work!!! You’re great!

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