My Boyfriend’s Back…

Hey la…hey la…

My beloved sewing machine–my Bernina 930…is back.

July9 001

It has been gone for a few years on an extended road trip to my daughter’s place–while I strayed away from the proven paths, and explored different, fancier, more high-tech sewing machines.

I’m back now and I’ve repented.

July 10 015

What I’ve learned, Dorothy, is that while the more expensive, snooty machines can indeed, do everything from defrosting the freezer to performing surgery on ingrown toenails–for me, I just missed the plain, old, regular sewing time. Usually that was because the fancy, ridiculous machine was in the shop—again.

July 10 016

Now to be fair, I’ve heard that most of these new darlings are wonderful and fill the owner’s life with complete bliss and joy–but somehow I missed that part. In fact, I hated the darn computerized, embroidery-ing, push this button and I’ll sing your kids to sleep ordeal.

July 10 017

The thing is, with a conventional, metal machine–if something goes wrong, you change a needle or adjust the tension and keep on cookin’. But with the Wonder Woman deal, if an eyelash falls out or the planets aren’t aligned perfectly, the whole diva beast shuts down and you have no idea what the problem is. Now you are once again forced to find a crane to load it back into the car and take it to. the. shop. again. SHEESH.

But this is not a negative post. No, no. This is a happy, joyous, rejoicing, exuberant post. Because my cute daughter–who is now, also converted to the old school, no nonsense, plow-horse machine, just bought one of her very own and handed me this handsome fellow–back. Yee haw!

Welcome home my dah-ling.

July 10 018

The mending basket has missed you.

July 10 019

The fabric stash has missed you.

We shall make beautiful music together.

On second thought, forget about the music.

Let’s just sew.

7 Replies to “My Boyfriend’s Back…”

  1. The sewing world will be forever changed now that you BOTH have machines you love!!! This is going to be good!!!

  2. I am so happy for you! I completely get what you are saying. I have a cheap singer and am saving up for a Bernina. In my quilting class they can’t say enough nice things about them. I just scored big on fabric today as well. I love FABRIC!

  3. AAACCCCKKKK!!!! This post made me even MORE scared of sewing machines! I could feel my back tensing up as I read this.

    Happy sewing though to you my friend. I hope I am never coerced into doing this. I’ll stick with playing in the weeds in the garden.

  4. This post cracked me up! Very funny! I’m sure you and your BF will have many glorious moments in the near future!

  5. Susette–you poor thing! I had no idea that you had a terrible sewing allergy. I’ll see if April has a homeopathic that can help with that back tension. ha ha! It’s ok, you do so many things so beautifully–aren’t the diversities of people what gives us this incredible planet? I say—I’ll sew, you weed. Now if we could just make some kind of deal about MY weeds.

  6. You’re hilarious Mom. I’m glad to have that machine back though. There’s nothing like sewing on that machine. It was the first one I really used besides the ones at school. Love that thing!

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