Rice Pillow


At our house the rice pillow is the cozy remedy for sore joints, headaches, tummy trouble, or cold feet. Luckily, they are so easy to make. I made these two out of a couple of T-shirts that I was finished with.


Cut two strips of fabric–the striped one is about 15″x 4.” The flower one is about 15″x 5.” The size depends on what you’ll be doing with it. A nice square is great for keeping your feet warm and a longer strip makes a good back of the neck wrap. The exact measurements aren’t that big of a deal.


Double zigzag the edges leaving one short side open.


Fill with rice, or wheat. We chose wheat because this is Utah…and we are all about wheat.  :]


You can sew the end shut or tie it into a huge knot–that works well with cotton knit.

It is a good idea to sew a pillow case for your rice pillow that you can remove and throw in the washer every week or so.

4 Replies to “Rice Pillow”

  1. We’re all about wheat here in Utah… that’s funny! 🙂

    These are nice! I have used one more than once in my days! I like the different patterns you can make using old shirts… that’s fun!!! Except… that if on Christmas Eve you look around and realize that you need some new clothes because you’ve turned all yours into projects… we might have to call in some special favors from Santa! 😉

  2. Hey, I LOVE these! Mine are made of a heavier, canvas-like fabric, and are filled with dry corn. I like the idea of a softer fabric. (oh… you forgot to say that they go in the micro-wave. Maybe that’s a “duh”). ANYWAY, they’re great over the shoulders, for tension headaches, and a life saver for sinus colds, right on the face…AHHHHHHHHH. Ya know? I wonder why the corn doesn’t “POP”? But it sure does smell good!

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