Quick Christmas Gifts

Family Faces Match-Up

Now you may just recognize many of these quick gifts from the past–but a good thing bares repeating–right? So, in the hopes of offering a few fun, fast ideas to help your holidays have a cozy, handmade feel–I’m dusting off a few favorites.

Button Bauble Bracelet

Personal History Prompt Jar

Washcloth Bibs

Covered Clipboards

Flowered Headbands

Soma Cube Puzzle

Mosiac Bead Bracelet

Hope this helps with your Christmas lists my friends. Let me know…Β Β  :}

Happy holiday crafting!!

12 Replies to “Quick Christmas Gifts”

  1. I made the soma cubes for everyone in my family last year and they are still loving them! I made fabric draw string bags to hold all the pieces and everyone still has all the parts too. Good mind stretching game and it’s really fun to see the fun shapes and ideas the little ones come up with as they use their imaginations.

  2. The gallery photos don’t show up when I’m just on the main page. Maybe put a “click here” link at the bottom of your post as well that links to the individual post item for those silly browsers that don’t want to show all your great stuff πŸ™‚

  3. I had the same thing, no pics on the main page, but then I thought you were just a clever girl, as you had to click on the ‘post a comment’ link to see the gift options! I love the clip boards, as I use them most days in my practice, and the bracelets (with the rolled paper beads) are addictive to make and of course, I need more and more, so no problem with the addictive need to make more. Have to make water birth tub kits and birth supply kits today, may have to put a bracelet in each kit…..

  4. Ooooh–that makes me sooo happy! I’m glad they loved them too. I need to make a few sets because the babies have lost a few of the pieces. Thanks for telling me about this. It means a lot to me. :}

  5. Well, I would LOVE to show people YOUR beautiful work–that’s for sure. We need to get you a shop to show it all off in.

  6. Ok, I added the “Click Here” links. I hope that helps–let me know. I have no idea why it’s showing up for some and not others. Weird.

  7. No, no–I’m not complicated enough to figure all that stuff out. Apparently, some folks can see the pictures and some can’t. No earthly idea why. But I did as Jillian suggested and added a Click Here link–so that will help it be functional…but not as pretty as if the pictures showed up. Sorry.

  8. These are such fun ideas! πŸ™‚ I, of course, love the bracelets! You can ever have too many of those! πŸ˜‰ Thanks for sharing these great links!

  9. Thanks! You reminded me of an awesome idea for jonathan,ni was going to make him that soma cube last time you had it up and I forgot, now I can give him another fun gift for Christmas. Maybe I’ll make two and give one to my brother inlaw too.

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