Clipboards with Class

Do you have any boring old clipboards just sitting around looking ugly? Well, I spent the other day with my daughter, April and she showed me how to spruce them up and make them so pretty–you’d be proud to use them anywhere. In fact, if you use a new clipboard they would make a great gift. Don’t be afraid…it was really easy and just see how cute they look!

All you need is:

A clipboard

2 sheets of scrapbook paper

Mod Podge


Emery board

Trace the clipboard onto one of the sheets of scrapbook paper.

Trace a 3 inch strip from contrasting paper for the top of the clipboard.

Cut both pieces out.

Spread Mod Podge adhesive and apply paper carefully.

Smooth out excess glue and air bubbles with a plastic scraper.

From the contrasting piece of scrapbook paper, mark and cut out where the metal clip piece will be. It doesn’t have to be exact because even if some of the board shows it still looks fine. Glue it in place. Let the glue dry for about 10 minutes.

Sand the excess paper off the edges of the board with a nail file, emery board or piece of fine sand paper.

This makes the edges of the clipboard look a bit worn.

Cover the whole thing with Mod Podge in two coats–one going from side to side, the other going up and down to give it a linen-look finish.

Allow the clipboard to dry over night. Be amazed.

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  1. Yea, instructions! These are so darling. Thanks for sharing. What about the stone magnets – can they be next?

  2. Love this idea and you blog is listed as one of my favorites! Thank you for sharing you wonderful talents!

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