Ten Things That Make Me Happy…

1- This squishy baby

2- This “please make me cry” clip: Tara and Bella

3- This adorable calendar from Sarah Jane Studios

4- Homemade glazed pecans

5- The Draper Temple openhouse

6- A Lily baby in a bucket

7- A Beckham baby in a barrel

8- A “done” puzzle

9- A “finished with Frankenstein,” brain jello party

10- Very warm, very fuzzy, very pink socks

Please post your “Happy Stuff” in the comments–and we’ll add them to the “Grateful” list.

Add as often as you’d like…

6 Replies to “Ten Things That Make Me Happy…”

  1. Oh no Way!!! I am wearing those same EXACT pink fuzzy slippers right this very minute. So cozy huh??
    Cute grandbabies all over the place β™₯
    Draper Temple Open house was so cool. I loved all that cherry wood imported from Africa. Way awesome.

  2. Yeah! You like the socks from Christmas–wahoo! I like that calendar you got too from Sarah Jane. Way cute.

  3. I need some warm socks right now… my feet are FREEZING!!! Yikes!!!

    Oh… my baby IS squishy… isn’t she! πŸ™‚ I love that she didn’t freak out with the bath!!! That would’ve made me sad. She’s sooo great… and sooo are you! πŸ™‚

  4. Oh… and you wanted more happy things… ok…

    *water bottles (not bottled water) *licorice *caller id *finger nail clippers *rubber bands *little baby shoes *hard working husbands *postage stamps *real letters in the mail *good news *friends who come to visit *stickers *big towels *warm blankets just out of the dryer *people who help with out being asked *love notes

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