Family Faces Match-Up

Need a cute gift for little person?

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I wanted to make a baby style Memory game. You know one that they could learn things with on a couple of levels–shapes, faces, names, etc., and that they would actually care about playing with.

Big bonus that this was easy, fun and inexpensive.

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I found the wooden shapes at JoAnn Fabrics—.29 cents a piece. Be sure to get two of each shape if you are making a matching game.

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I even found a little box that would hold the game when it was finished.

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Print out face shots of your family–and friends that the kids are familiar with. Cut out the faces.

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Seal the pictures to the wood with Mod Podge.

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Again, remember to make two of each face.

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Let them dry and store in a sweet little plastic container–like this one–until Christmas morning.

Now, I triple-dog dare you to sing both verses of  “Up on the Housetop”-right where you are–right now–just for the heck of it. Go!

Anything for That Holiday Feeling!  (get it?)



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7 Replies to “Family Faces Match-Up”

  1. what a great idea! arent you clever! I might just have to do this real quick and send it to my little one back east!

  2. Seriously, it took about an hour and a half. It wouldn’t take you that long because I had to make two sets–one for our household and one for April’s. Plus, just to be silly, I added the cats and dogs. So multiply everyone by four! It was really quite fun–mostly because I can just hear what the babies will say when they see them, because they’re learning names now. So sweet!

  3. I love it! It would work great for me to help them learn the names and faces of those far away! What a clever lady!!!!

  4. There are three verses to Up On the House Top. We are learning it in my kindergarten class for the Christmas Sing next week. So, I know all three verses!! And I sang them to my husband tonight along with both verses of I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, which is the other song we are singing. Isn’t Christmas music just grand!! I love it! Cute game.

  5. These are awesome! I was worried when I came in and you were working on them that I ruined some “vast eternal plan” 😉 but then I saw this post and I was a little relieved! 🙂 You are awesome and I love all the fun projects you find and the great ideas that you have!

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