Button Bauble Bracelet

If you happen to be an unabashed button freak–like me–then, you, my darling, are about to be very happy. Perhaps even squealing with delight will be in order. Wanna play with all those buttons–you know you have a stash–and have a pretty little bracelet when you’re finished?

I thought so.

First, choose your color pallet. Mine will be pinks, purples and black…because I barely know any other colors exist.  Ask my kids.   :}

I’m using a few newer buttons and a ton of vintage ones because they are gorgeous and they’ve been cooped up long enough. It’s time they went out on the town.

All you need for this lovely project is:

A piece of 1/4 inch elastic–the size of your wrist + 3/4 inches

Some thread– I used embroidery floss because it was the perfect color and, well, I liked it.

Buttons–a little pile of them

First sew your elastic together–

by machine or by hand…either way.

Now the fun part–start sewing on those buttons. Any order. Stacked or alone. Be sure to let them overlap just the tiniest bit so that the elastic stays hidden when you wear it.

Knot each button separately so that if you ever have to replace one–it will be easy.  Keep going around the elastic until the last button meets the first.

Now then, don’t you just have the most adorable bracelet on earth? And just imagine the possibilities–a new bracelet for every outfit…quick and easy Christmas presents…thank you gifts…kids party favors…you get the picture.

And the best part is–quite likely, you didn’t spend one thin dime.

Wait–I think I hear squealing.

And rightly so.

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