Things We Have An Abundance Of…

Peaches…again…and for as long as we can get them. Today may just be a jam day. We’ll see.

T-shirt yarn to make some lovely projects with–you’ll see…very soon!  :}

Pine cones…they’re everywhere! We gather them up and do our noble best to save them as fire-starters–but they just keep coming back. Do you suppose they grow up from the concrete?

Firewood—since that mighty wind came along and huffed and puffed and blew the fence down. Thank goodness for the strong and sturdy fellows that gathered and stacked it all.

Blueberries…by the busload, whipped into so many lovely things–stay tuned.

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Pretty girls with watering cans to help our thirsty garden. Tomatoes are still sleeping–what is going ON?

Finger puppets from WeeKnit–and we haven’t even gotten out our Halloween and Christmas ones yet! HA! Obsessive you say? I haven’t begun to be obsessive…yet!  :}

Blue Jays–you know, the huge, bossy, squawking kind that chase all the other birds away and fill their mouths up with sunflower seeds and fly away somewhere else to shell and eat them. Silly things.

The tail end of our gorgeous summer flowers–showing off, I suppose, one last time before they sleep for a while.

What about you on this lovely day–what do YOU have an abundance of?       

5 Replies to “Things We Have An Abundance Of…”

  1. Not too bad. Getting into that uncomfortable stage, but I can’t complain too much. (I am such a belly sleeper and well, that’s just not possible anymore. lol)

    My girls are back in school and we’re getting back into a routine so that’s good. Can’t remember if I told you but this one is a girl too — so my third. My hubby is completely outnumbered. ;D

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