10 things that make me happy…

1. The snow coming down as I type. Our state always needs more water. So it’s a big deal to get all this new stuff. I just want to be snowed in at least once in my life.

2. Pink lights on a canopy bed. It’s very exotic and makes me feel particularly fancy somehow. Even if I’m just wearing a sweatshirt and jeans.

3. A baby girl who loves her monkey.

4. A baby boy who loves to laugh.

5. A baby “chomp” who could show up any day now. Maybe we’ll wake up one of these mornings and Lyndi will have a sweet, warm bundle all cuddled up with her. I suppose, in real life we’ll know when she decides that she’s truly coming. But since Lyndi is having a home birth–it could be a surprise for us–any time now.

6. A well attended puzzle on a wintery day.

7. Dear friends in a beautiful place.

8. A beautiful place

9. A pristine kitty

10. A letter from a happy boy in a very cold, faraway land.


Be sure to check out the “Grateful List” tab. This will be our never-ending happiness list. Reply to this post and let us know what makes you happy. We’ll just keep racking them up until we get…oh, a million or so. :]  You can send as many, as often as you’d like.

Can’t get too much of this good thing!

How many is a million, anyway?

11 Replies to “10 things that make me happy…”

  1. My beauiful baby Avery and her heart melting smile

    A new cell phone – gotta love modern technology

    A car that does well in the snow

    A mother who I talk to daily

    My wonderful calling in YW and the amazing girls I get to associate with.

  2. Thanks so much Jodi! I’ve got them on the list. Those are wonderful things. I envy you the mom…and the snow car!

  3. I love the picture of Elder Dane in the snow. He looks so much like a missionary… wait, that might be because he is a missionary! 🙂

  4. ♥Sleeping in till 10:00 makes me happy. (cuz I don’t get to very often-in fact rarely)
    ♥Leaving the Christmas tree up till way past the New Year
    ♥Flying on airplanes makes me giggle
    ♥Hot wassail on a cold Winter’s night with a good book
    ♥having about 4 hours to myself so I can scrapbook
    ♥Scented Body Lotions

  5. This is the first time I’ve seen that picture of Dane!!! Holy crap they weren’t kidding that’d he’d be cold!!! He looks good though!!! I hope he loves it there!

    *sunshine that makes the snow sparkle
    *hot chocolate or chocolate milk
    *a camera full of happy memories
    *sleeping baby all curled up like a snail

  6. *The greenWinkle Etsy shop.
    *My laptop that I thought might just be on its deathbed is out of rehab and working fabulously!
    *Awesome brother-in-laws
    *Rearranging my room in a way that just motivates me to do amazing things
    *Graduating from college
    *Getting an email that says my diploma is in the mail
    *Knowing that there is another package coming for me from a friend in England
    *Starting a new job
    *Being in the Hill Cumorah Pageant cast
    *Thinking about staying in New York for three weeks!
    *Good friends
    *Awesome music of sweetness on my iPod
    *Pink iPod speakers
    *A pink folding chair that holds my pink water bottle
    *Okay, the color pink 😉
    *Watching others live their dreams
    *Living my own dreams
    *Snow that covers everything rather than just the grass
    *JIF Peanut Butter (*sigh* we’ll meet again after the recall!)
    *Reading good books
    *Watching movies with my family
    *Getting comments from good friends
    *My nieces and nephew

  7. Seeing new plants coming out of the earth.

    Watching my kids joy as they discover the world around them.

    Harvesting my hard work.

    Seeing God’s blessings in my life and those I love.

    Watching my husband become the man I knew he could be when I married him.

    Being able to call my sisters.

    And I hope to add, having sister live in the same city as I do, to the list soon.

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