The Scent of Waffles…

We arrived at our last Farmer’s Market just as the sun was going down. But we had a goal and could not be deterred.

In fact, when Miss Chompy first got out of the car she took a whiff–

and a big, long sniff, and said,

“I can SMELL them!!

We need to go get!

Okey-dokey Miss Chompy. Anything you say.

Ahhh…such wisdom from the mouth of babes.

Miss Chompy’s Reading Tips

Did you know that wearing glasses can actually make you much, much smarter than you were just minutes before you put them on? Well, I didn’t know that either. But Miss Chompy Doodle tells me that it’s so.

She says that she needs my silly little reading glasses so that she can be smart and most especially so that she can read.

They must be magic.

I know it’s true because before she put them on, she couldn’t read a word. And now, just look. She’s nearly finished Magnificent Obsession.

Who needs preschool when you have magic glasses?

Heh, heh.

For King and Country

When Dane and the Bald Kid were little fellows, their favorite toys on the face of the earth were these guys.

Oh, they took hours–sometimes all day–to set everything up…

and get everyone in their proper place, you know…

before the Vikings showed up…

and before the pirates attacked.


So this was a totally new experience for Miss Chompy…

sitting there minding her own business with her Duplo blocks and My Little Ponys…

to have this big, nutty guy swoop in with a fire breathing dragon and put all the calm creatures in terrible danger.

  Ok, it’s getting personal now.

Pony Princess Celestia, meet Maid Marion.

Chompy watched intently to see how this knights-and-pirates-duking-it-out stuff actually works.

She didn’t know how she felt about all the sword swinging and painful sound effects, and pretend people dropping like flies…

and the limb lopping and…and…carnage. That just never happens in Ponyville.  Is that a little plastic head I see over there?

Oh, run Chompy, run.  These guys play too rough.

Wait…Miss Chompy–what are you doing? Miss Chompy?

“Dear King Arthur,

We regret to inform you that a giant two headed dragon ate your men. I hear he had a pretty little accomplice. Yeah, sorry about that.

There were no survivors.”

And Dane gets a million dollar fine for corrupting a perfectly decent 3-year-old.