All That Is Good~

In my world right this minute.

A girly-girl in sweet little Batman pajamas. Wouldn’t Uncle Bald Kid be proud?

The first newlyweds are finally back from Texas, and they say Utah’s 103 degrees isn’t very hot.  Feels hot to me.

Low imagination level cupcake decorating that surprisingly tasted very, very good.

A bunch of cute kids that are brave enough…

to dance their hearts out in a very crowded park.

Discovering that Incredible Fruit Pizza can indeed be made with whole wheat cookie crust. More on that later. It was wonderful and now considered a health food. HAA!

A little dude that actually fell asleep on the floor…unprompted. Woohooo!

Isn’t summer the best? Tell me–

what’s good in your world today?  :}

Orchard Love

I saw this sweet little game online the other day, that reminded me of Hi-ho Cherry-O from when I was a kid. After looking closer though, I found out that it’s even better. It’s called Orchard and as you can see, even a three-year-old can play it.

First, you load the trees up with fruit–green apples, yellow pears, blue plums and red cherries.

Then somebody rolls the dice.

If you roll a color, you get to pick a fruit from the tree…

and put it in your basket.

But if you roll the dreaded crow, you have to take a puzzle piece that will put a picture of the nasty old bird together. Now then, here’s the good part–with this game, the kids are actually cheering for each other instead of duking it out, because the point is to pick all the fruit before the bad-guy crow shows up and eats everything. There’s no competition between players –only working together against the crow.

Isn’t that a fabulous idea? No, no, this is not a paid advertisement. I was just so happy to find such a perfect game for Miss Chompy, Lily and the Beck, that I wanted to tell somebody about it. And so you know, the kids and I have played the game about 25 times in the last few days.

Yeah, that’s us.

Playing till we drop.

Heh, heh.

Tell me~ have you every heard of Orchard? What are your kids favorite board games?

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