Scriptures By Chompy

My daughter Lyndi usually reads scriptures out loud in the morning, while Miss Chompy is having her breakfast. For some reason, this particular morning our gal was really listening. Here’s what we got~

“Lift up your head…

and be of good cheer.”

(That’s her super-duper ‘being of good cheer” face.)

“I did it mom!”

One. Dang. Cute. Kid.


Stealth Mode

So there we were, minding our own business, playing with Mr. Magoo just enjoying his soft squishy, babyness. There’s just something so magic and nearly edible about these new little souls–don’t you think?

Anyway, Miss Chompy was happily content, in the other room playing with that most reluctant kitty–Jiff. At least, we thought she was.

Fine. We didn’t actually see her, but we could hear her giggling. Jiffy is a pretty funny cat after all.

Come to think of it, there was a lot of giggling…

just outside my bedroom door.

Who knew that Miss Chompy was actually…

a Ninja?

Miss Chompy’s Little Man

Sometimes, little people have a strange adjustment to having a new little baby just appearing in the middle of their world. But not our Miss Chompy. Oh, my– how she loves her new baby brother.

She loves to watch his face and touch his toes and feel his hair with her chin and let his tiny fingers wrap around her oh-so-much-bigger ones.

Even when he’s fussy she seems to have figured out that it’s just what babies do sometimes. She pats him and says, “It’s going to be all right, little man.”

I’d say…better than all right.

It’s going to be perfect.