Scriptures By Chompy

My daughter Lyndi usually reads scriptures out loud in the morning, while Miss Chompy is having her breakfast. For some reason, this particular morning our gal was really listening. Here’s what we got~

“Lift up your head…

and be of good cheer.”

(That’s her super-duper ‘being of good cheer” face.)

“I did it mom!”

One. Dang. Cute. Kid.


6 Replies to “Scriptures By Chompy”

  1. It’s always a nice surprise to find out that some of it is sinking in! I adore that little girl! 😀 Glad you had the camera close by! 😉

  2. Aw! She’s a smart cutie pie!! I’ve missed seeing your family updates, but I understand. Thanks for cheering up my day Chompy!!

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