Miss Chompy’s Reading Tips

Did you know that wearing glasses can actually make you much, much smarter than you were just minutes before you put them on? Well, I didn’t know that either. But Miss Chompy Doodle tells me that it’s so.

She says that she needs my silly little reading glasses so that she can be smart and most especially so that she can read.

They must be magic.

I know it’s true because before she put them on, she couldn’t read a word. And now, just look. She’s nearly finished Magnificent Obsession.

Who needs preschool when you have magic glasses?

Heh, heh.

5 Replies to “Miss Chompy’s Reading Tips”

  1. Soooo cute. Wish you could magically fly a pair right over to me – I could really use some glasses to make me smart so I can understand these historical documents 🙂

  2. You know, there is this amazing, sweet little resource for that kind of thing. It’s called Jillian. I’m serious…her degree is “Family History” and she knows how to read all that funky stuff. I’ve seen her do it. She’s brilliant when it comes to the extraction “decoding” too. She would help you. I promise. :}

  3. She’s so fun! 🙂 I’m glad you got a picture! Now we know if she ever needs glasses, she’s already got plenty of confidence to wear them! 😉

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